Video: Ronnie Renner on Timbersled snowbikes

See American freestyle motocrosser Ronnie Renner ride Timbersled snowbikes in British Columbia with Reagan Sieg and Brock Hoyer

by Kirsten Armleder

Ronnie Renner looking into sunset on a Timbersled snowbike
Ronnie Renner set his first world record in 2007 with a 35-foot, six-inch step-up. He set another world record in 2008 with a 59-foot, two-inch jump off a quarterpipe. Now he's caught the snowbike bug. screenshot courtesy of Red Bull

Ronnie Renner is no stranger to trying new things, with several world records to prove it.

A familiar face at X Games, Renner has seven gold medals to his name. He’s dominated the Moto X Step-Up competition for years, and 2015 is his 21st X Games appearance. Renner has also been associated with Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus and he’s even been known to thrash a golf course on his KTM.

It’s not surprising then, that the 38-year-old from Tampa, Florida, has taken a recent interest in Timbersled snowbikes.

This spring, Renner spent some time in the B.C. backcountry with Canada’s own Reagan Sieg and Brock Hoyer.

And this is what happened: 



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