Epic snowmobiling photos from Valemount, B.C.

Valemount has a reputation for impressive snowmobiling - take one look at these pics and you'll see why

by Danielle Cameron

Sledding in Valemount
The view from the Allen Creek trail: Does it get any better than this? Photo courtesy Jeff Taylor

The village of Valemount takes the cake when it comes to sled-friendly communities. Local snowfall is abundant, the climate is ideal and the trails are vigilantly maintained by the Valemount & Area Recreation Development Association (VARDA).

Here you will find the terrain variety that every mountain rider dreams about experiencing. You can start with an easier trail, such as the  Westridge Family Loop, or you can jump right in and enjoy the elevation at Allen Creek, Keyhole or other exciting zones.

Our readers from this area are proudly enthusiastic, and over the years they have sent in a selection of photos that will make you wish you were in Valemount, on your sled, today. Here are a few of our favourite choices.

Sledding in Valemount
Avid sledder, Monte Smith, went sledding with SnoRiders writer Kirsten Armleder in the Allen Creek area. Kirsten Armleder photo
Sledding in Valemount
Brendon McCormick, age 14, wasn't afraid to carve up the Valemount snowmobiling terrain. Photo courtesy Frozen Pirate Snow Services
Sledding in Valemount
William Chitty took a ride on his Martin Motorsports 2014 Xm 163 at Allen Creek. Photo courtesy William Chitty
Sledding in Valemount
William Chitty, a snow host for VARDA, was exploring the terrain at Chappell Creek with joy. Photo courtesy William Chitty

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