Snowmobiling 2018-2019 Special Events Planned

From the International Snowmobile Safety Week, to the 10th annual Take-A-Friend snowmobiling campaign, ISMA invite all sledders to participate.

Group of snowmobilers on trail.
Photo courtesy ISMA/Wayne Davis

HASLETT, MI, September 20, 2018:   There have been a few nips in the air and snow in the Rockies, so that can only mean that winter is on its way - hopefully bringing lots of snow, cold weather and great snowmobiling. On behalf of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association members – Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris and Yamaha Motor Corporation, we are excited to announce the continuation and expansion of the Safe Riders! You Make Snowmobiling Safe safety campaign. The Safe Riders! materials include our updated snowmobiling fact book, brochures, posters, a new safety video series (coming in October 2018), and decals for snowmobilers to use in supporting their safety campaign activities.

We invite all snowmobilers to participate in the International Snowmobile Safety week – January 19-27, 2019. This is a great time for clubs and associations, safety trainers, etc. to take time to teach snowmobilers about safe riding. Many dealerships also support and help by putting on seminars, showing customers how to maintain their sleds to keep them running in top condition, and also promoting safety related activities. Visit the website and download the Safety Week Campaign Action Manual which contains ideas on how to promote safety week and gives ideas for putting on safe events throughout the winter. Also, if you hold a Safe Riders! event during International Snowmobile Safety Week, let us know by placing it on our Facebook Page at We will send one Safe Riders! long sleeve shirt per event posted. Please provide us with your mailing address and shirt size.

The Go Snowmobiling/Take a Friend Snowmobiling Campaign continues to grow as more people visit the website for information on how to get started in snowmobiling. The website is a great information source for all snowmobilers with links to other snowmobile related websites, state and provincial associations, and more.  We encourage you to check out the site. You may wish to join in the Go Snowmobiling effort and ask some friends to go snowmobiling. Many people have tried snowmobiling for the first time with the experience resulting in the purchase of a snowmobile. That new snowmobiler can then become a club member, an association member, and expand your friendship – all because you asked them to come along and try out your winter recreation of choice.

The 10th Annual Take-a-Friend Snowmobiling Week is scheduled for February 9-18, 2019.  You can grow your organization by partnering with local businesses and Chambers of Commerce to encourage your non-snowmobiling friends to join us for a time of fun. For information and ideas on holding a Take a Friend Snowmobiling event, visit The Campaign Guide contains many great ideas.

We are looking forward to a great year and thank you for your support. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please visit our two websites: and

You can send us an email message and check out our latest releases. We also encourage you to “Like” our Facebook page at We are expanding our Social Network and our Facebook page is growing!  We hope you join us for fun snowmobiling interaction.

We will be recognizing individuals and clubs who hold Go Snowmobiling/Take a Friend Snowmobiling events by sending a Go Snowmobiling long sleeve shirt to those who post their event on our Facebook page and then send us their mailing address. We will send one shirt per event posted so include your shirt size.

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