Ski-Doo X-Team reloads for 2019 - 2020 season

The Ski-Doo X-Team roster for 2019-20 will look both the same and different as many riders and teams finalize their plans leading up to the annual Hay Days event September 7th, 2019.

Ski-Doo racer.
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The Ski-Doo X-Team roster for 2019-20 will look both the same and different as many riders and teams finalize their plans leading up to the annual Hay Days event September 7th, 2019.

On the ISOC circuit last year’s Pro champion Elias Ishoel returns with teammate Aki Pihlaja for Boss Racing and Scheuring Speed Sports returns with a healthy Lincoln Lemieux and last season’s Pro Lite champion Hunter Patenaude. Warnert Racing has some changes as Daniel Benham takes the retired Tim Tremblay’s place in the Pro ranks along with teamates Francis Pelletier returning to Pro Lite and Adam Renheim in Pro . Women’s Pro champion Megan Brodeur returns to Anderson Racing with teammates Korbyn, Camryn and Collin Anderson. Ingles Performance is looking to put Leo Patenaude, Marco Travaglini, Adam and Alissah Ashline on the top step and Bauerly Racing is back for its 17th season with Kurt Bauerly.

In RMSHA Hill Climb news, Jay Mentaberry, Blaine Mathews and Aaron Sterck all return and joining them In the Pro class will be the strong Canadian up and comer, Colton Olstad. They are part of our talented X-Team hillclimb team pushing each other to reach the top of the mountain first.

Cross Country racing on the USXC circuit will see veteran X-Team riders Dillan and Dustin Dohrn, Eddie Neubauer, Andy and Thomas Junglen, Jim and Lydia Sobeck, Craig Ritzinger, Cole Manning and others return as they take on the rough midwest terrain circuits. On the RMR-XC circuit Heath Bell, Remington Lessard, Bailey Slocum and Dylan Thompson will lead the charge. In Alaska, the Iron Dog team structure changes as past champions Tyler Aklestad and Tyson Johnson pair up with Nick Olstad and Brad George respectively to strengthen the effort to win this grueling race along with our other X-team riders.

Oval racing will be led by multiple time Cup Champion Gunnar Sterne as he looks to continue his winning ways on the high-speed ice tracks and will take on the challenge of the newly formed F3 class. Joining him on the oval circuits will be Steven Marquis, Travis MacDonald, Stephen Manke, John Henke, Colt Dellandrea and Matt Goede.



  • Scheuring Speed Sports – Lincoln Lemieux, Hunter Patenaude
  • BOSS Racing –Aki Pihlaja, Elias Ishoel
  • Warnert Racing - Adam Renheim, Daniel Benham, Francis Pelletier
  • Team Bauerly Racing – Kurt Bauerly
  • Anderson Racing – Camryn Anderson, Korbyn Anderson, Collin Anderson, Megan Brodeur
  • Ingles Performance –Leo Patenaude, Marco Travaglini, Adam and Alissah Ashline
  • Team Lebel - Jordan Lebel, Dylan Lebel, Naeli Lebel, Samuel Blouin.
  • Freeland Racing - Drew and Brady Freeland
  • Green Mountain Racing - Bradley Tatro, Chance Tietjen, Adam Levi
  • Thene Motorsports - Steve Martin, Aiden Leonard
  • Hilmerson Motorsports - Eli Epling, Kellen Chapuran, Trenton Hilmerson
  • Independent Riders - Danny Dolecki, Eli Erickson, Tomosuke Sano, Colton Lugert, Brad Meyer, Shade Meyer, Hayden Meyer, Devin Malcein, Kyle Kunstman, Brody Srsen, Brian Peterson, Jake Belair, Sue Belair, Austin Stamm, Todd Halvorson, Dalton Halvorson, Connor Beissel, Josh Sheppard, Matt Greenwood, Noah Bosker, Justin Sisti, Andrew Wilkes and Addison Bourdages.


  • SBT Racing – Theresa Max, Steven Max
  • Independent Riders - Jake daSilva, Jake Boutwell, Gavin Fleury, Trevor Parent, Mackenzie Munley, Josh Connolly, Derek Vitello, Brian Whalley, Joe Pelletier


  • Bailey Motorsports – Ryan Hunt, Brooklyn Karkoulas, Hailey Belanger, Dakota Karkoulas
  • St.Onge Motorsports – Issac St. Onge
  • London Recreational Racing – Blake Taylor, Scott VandeBorne, Taylor Stewart, Trevor Somerville, Dallas Ruff-Robertson, Crayden Dillon, Patrick Fenton
  • Polito Motorsports – Jack Polito, Dylan Barnett
  • Independent Riders –Nathan Mailloux, Taylor McCoy, Jordan Desjardins, Currie Giesler, Mia Meek, Mick Dube, Taylor Delarosbil, Steve Gelinas, Alex Ross, Mayson Sharp, Jordan Rocchetta and Joey Young.


  • Independent Riders – Maxime Taillefer, Dave Asselin, William St- Laurent, Jean-Sébastien Côté, Cédrick Tremblay, Yan Lariviere, Patrice Bouchard, Emrick Ares, Jeremy Beaulieu, Bruno Begin, Maxime Bellerive, Frederick Godcher, Cedric Gousse, Yannick Hebert, Keven Kelly, Samuel Lavoie, Brian Lavoie, Erick Legendre, Sami Martel, Danick and Tristan Robert and Francis Tremblay.



  • Dohrn Racing – Dillan Dohrn, Dustin Dohrn, Craig Ritzinger
  • Sobeck Racing – Jim Sobeck, Lydia Sobeck
  • Junglen Motorsports – Andy Junglen, Thomas Junglen
  • Neubauer Racing – Eddie Neubauer
  • Independent Riders – Cole Manning, Jacob Dahle, Andrew Michels, Erik Nymann, Jack Jepson, Quenton Grant, and Blaise Potucek.


  • Independent Riders - Heath Bell, Cameron Bell, Tim Lessard, Remington Lessard, Barry Delphia, Glynn deSilva, Bailey Slocum, Dylan Thompson, Derek Dawson, Cameron Young

Iron Dog

  • Tyler Aklestad/Nick Olstad, Tyson Johnson/Brad George, Daniel Stang/James West, Dan Thibault/Ben Meibs, Barney Anselment / Thomas Baumgartner



  • Team Lochsa – Aly Bledsoe, Luke Bledsoe,
  • Team Carter – Greg Dana, Garrett Hoopes, KC Jones, Rylon Allred
  • Team Frank May Ski-Doo –Mason Rutledge
  • Independent Riders – Aaron Sterck, Blaine Mathews, Jay Mentaberry, Carl Kuster, Ben Cilensek, Trent Handsaker, Harper Handsaker, Cody Jennings, Danny Johnson, Jhett Johnson, Hunter Johnson, Jadian Pfaff, Tom Roby, Samantha Rogers, Austin Rogers, Bob Tomb, Garrett Tomb, Tony Ryan, Geoffrey Rogers, Jackson Rogers, Katelyn Rogers, Mike Soderling, Faron Gilbert, Matt Ryan, Colton Olstad, Wil Burgess, Kylor Bassett, Brennan Mulvahill, Nathan Rutherford, and Cameron Conger



  • Sterne Racing – Gunnar Sterne
  • Loritz Racing - Matt Goede
  • MPH Racing – Travis MacDonald
  • Team Marquis - Steven Marquis
  • Independent Riders – Colt Dellandrea, Stephen Manke, and John Henke


  • Yovich Racing – Joey Burch


  • MAG Racing – Mike Golaski
  • LaCanne Racing – Dave LaCanne
  • Rempel Racing – Mike Rempel

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