Ski-Doo keeps the innovation coming with two new 2018 models and a next-generation Rotax engine

A limited-build MXZ 600R E-TEC features a new high-performance, lightweight Rotax E-TEC engine, and a new Expedition SWT directly addresses the need for a greater balance of capability and comfort.

The limited-build MXZ 600R E-TEC
The limited-build MXZ 600R E-TEC Photo courtesy Ski-Doo

Valcourt, Quebec, January 10, 2018 – BRP (TSX:DOO) solidifies its leadership position once again with the introduction of two new Ski-Doo snowmobiles and a next-generation Rotax E-TEC engine. The new models are part of BRP’s obsession to continually improve the rider experience with world-class products. A limited-build MXZ 600R E-TEC features a new high-performance, lightweight Rotax E-TEC engine, and a new Expedition SWT directly addresses the need for a greater balance of capability and comfort for better days out on the snow.

Limited-build MXZ 600R E-TEC

Introducing the new 600 class benchmark, the 2018 MXZ 600R E-TEC, that brings the kind of response and acceleration first introduced with the Rotax 850 E-TEC, plus REV Gen4 benefits for even more trail riding excitement. Riders will appreciate the heart pounding, smile producing fun factor that this new combination brings as they experience the quick revving strong pull from corner to corner and ease of handling with big bump control this package delivers. This limited build model is available starting January 10th, 2018 and combines unique features that will make a splash in the market place.

The heart and soul of this MXZ is the new Rotax 600R E-TEC that brings 125 horsepower and DNA shared with its big brother, the Rotax 850 E-TEC. Features like the short intake tract, ultra-fast eRAVE, mono-block cylinder design with plasma coating and many other elements that will allow it to play a class higher on the trail. As impressive as the output, response and acceleration are – the development team made sure to meet or exceed the same levels of reliability and efficiency that the Rotax 600 H.O. E-TEC is famous for.

The MXZ 600R E-TEC’s narrow engine provided the room needed to fit it in the REV Gen4 platform so now 600cc riders can enjoy the same balanced, precise handling and bump eating capabilities the platform is known for. Features like the RAS 3 front suspension with KYB Pro 36R shocks and rack steering up front compliment the rMotion in back that includes the Quick Adjust System.

Expedition SWT

The 2018 Expedition SWT (Super Wide Track) launching in January 2018 is bred from a long line of unstoppable workhorse sleds that can go anywhere and do anything, but it adds a new level of comfort and control for riders that demand the most capable sleds for both work and play. These riders often live in scarcely populated areas where the only trails are the ones they make. For them the floatation, traction and towing capability offered by the huge 156”x 24” wide track is a real necessity, but they’ve long sacrificed the comfort and control that an adjustable width A-Arm front suspension can bring. Until now.

The 2018 Expedition SWT (Super Wide Track)
The 2018 Expedition SWT (Super Wide Track) Photo courtesy Ski-Doo

Living up to its namesake, the Ski-Doo Expedition SWT also blends some of the comfort and convenience of a trail oriented sled with other crossover capable features, and a lumberjack’s work ethic. The little extra width of the RAS 2 A-arm front suspension on this new model enables crisp, predictable handling, and shows the dual purposes the Expedition line is intended for. The utility-minded SC-5U rear suspension with locking and articulating feature of the rail makes for easy backing in deep snow and incredible traction while towing heavy loads. The Synchromesh transmission with two forward, and one reverse gear, standard tow hitch, and copious amounts of storage space from the rear cargo box and under-seat further deliver the versatility and capability expected.

Powering the Expedition SWT is the 90-horsepower Rotax 900 ACE 4-stroke, renowned for ease of operation, massive low end and mid range torque for heavy towing, extreme reliability, and cold start capability. New colors let people know the “24” has changed too.

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