Facts About Snowmobiling 2018

As we begin the 2018-19 snowmobiling season, we thought you may be interested in the following facts while you are preparing to go ride this season.

Group of snowmobiles on trail.
Photo courtesy ISMA/Wayne Davis

Haslett, MI, September 18, 2018:  As we begin the 2018-19 snowmobiling season, we thought you may be interested in the following facts while you are preparing to go ride this season:

  • Snowmobilers come in all ages. The average snowmobiler is 45 years old.
  • The average snowmobile snowmobiler last season rode 1,250 miles/2,012 kilometers. The number of miles ridden, on average, is dependent on snow cover so we will see if Mother Nature brings us more days of snow for riding this season.
  • 60% of snowmobilers belong to a club and participate in many of their club’s events. If you do not belong to a snowmobile club, I recommend you consider joining! Clubs hold great riding events, great parties and are made up of wonderful people that become great friends. Join a club and have a great time!
  • About 49% of the people that snowmobile, trailer their snowmobile to their riding area. The other 51% ride from their home or cabin.
  • Snowmobiling is a family friendly activity. Most of those responding to surveys report that they snowmobile with family, friends and club members.

Snowmobilers are outdoor recreationists all year-round. Following is a list of recreational activities that snowmobilers participate in when they aren’t out riding:

  • 59% go ATV Riding
  • 56% go camping
  • 56% go fishing
  • 52% go boating
  • 44% go hunting
  • 33% go hiking
  • 32% go motorcycle riding
  • 26% go golfing
  • 24% go personal watercraft riding
  • 19% go downhill skiing
  • 13% do other recreational activities

Yes, we are a year-round active group!

  • Approximately 82% of snowmobilers are male.
  • Snowmobilers are a big part of the winter economic engine by spending an average of $2000 each year going snowmobiling, traveling to their snowmobiling spot, and food, gas, and lodging. In many places in North America, snowmobilers pay the bills for many people involved in the winter tourism industries and related businesses.

To help snowmobilers promote their sport, the snowmobile manufacturers have created a number of supporting communication tools.

  • We have created a Dropbox where interested individuals can access the most current family friendly snowmobile photos.  (Just click on this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kjcb8kcpv6vlaos/AADSnxI8H8V-ZhV1KO51dGlNa?dl=0 ) We encourage people to use these photos in the development of trail maps, advertising pieces, or just flyers supporting a snowmobiling activity.  The photos are free and can be used in promoting recreation family snowmobiling.
  • Also, ISMA has created a Facebook page www.Facebook.com/GoSnowmobiling. If you are on Facebook and want to see snowmobiling posts, please FOLLOW our page. You can also share your snowmobiling pictures, events, etc. on our page and they will be viewed by followers from around the world!
  • We have two websites: www.snowmobile.org and www.gosnowmobiling.org that contain a lot of information, links, downloadable materials, etc. to help support you and educate you on key issues related to snowmobiling and help you better know the activities going on.  Our websites are connected to other websites around the world including all of the United States and Canadian State and Provincial Snowmobile Associations which contain all of the local information that you may need.

The winter outlook is looking good for snowmobiling and we are looking forward to a great season. 

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