Ed Klim, President of the ISMA, says this winter looks promising

The ISMA encourages everyone to participate with their local clubs, provincial associations/federations and plan to participate in some fun events

by Ed Klim, President of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association

A row of four snowmobiles drive towards the camera.
"Following the excellent sales season that was established by the ATV/UTV industry, the boating industry, and the recreational vehicle industry, we are optimistic that sales and use of snowmobiles will be strong." Ed Klim Photo courtesy ISMA

The weather forecasters are pointing towards a great snowy, cold winter for 2020-2021 in most of North America. The Old Farmer’s Almanac, in addition to other weather aficionados, are forecasting above average snow fall, cold weather, and generally a great snowmobiling season (They didn’t use those exact words, but I knew what they meant!).

Even though the big fall snowmobile shows have been cancelled, there have been many great events held throughout the snowbelt. The snowmobile events that have been held have reported excellent crowds (practicing safe distancing and wearing masks), high enthusiasm, and strength in sales of snowmobiles as well as parts, accessories, and other service items.

Following the excellent sales season that was established by the ATV/UTV industry, the boating industry, and the recreational vehicle industry, we are optimistic that sales and use of snowmobiles will be strong.

The snowmobile clubs and associations/federations are currently clearing and brushing trails, replacing signs and preparing for the upcoming season. In addition to the clubs and associations gathering momentum, the legislature in Washington DC has been reviewing the recreational trails program and is planning to possibly increase the amount of trail money that will be distributed through the trails program. This will hopefully come to a conclusion over the next 6-9 months and you should know that the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) and their members have been very helpful in promoting the expansion of the Trail Program throughout the United States. Through the hard work of many snowmobilers, the land managers and their teams are effectively using new monies that have been provided to them by the legislature and their efforts should result in better riding areas, better trailheads, and overall better conditions for all of us.

One can notice the explosive introduction of new high-quality trucks and large SUVs being sold as tow vehicles in the marketplace. There are many individuals moving from an automobile to a truck and are prime potential customers for snowmobiling and other outdoor recreational activities—all the while maintaining social distancing. The new trucks feature additional safety features and are also more welcoming to drivers of all ages—both male and female.

The snowmobile manufacturers are working hard to introduce very high-quality snowmobiles with fun built into their products. Snowmobiles continue to improve in comfort and handling.

This winter looks and feels like it will be a great time for the snowmobile community, and we encourage everyone to participate with their local clubs and state/provincial associations/federations and plan to participate in some great, fun events.

We encourage you to share your fun snowmobiling photos on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/GoSnowmobiling for all to see. Check our website www.snowmobile.org for dates and ideas to participate in International Snowmobile Safety Week in January 2021 and Take a Friend Snowmobiling week in February 2021.  We also have the Safe Riders video chapters for download too.

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