BRP donates watercraft to Inuvik Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (CCGA)

The SAR unit is fast, stable, highly manoeuvrable, and can operate in circumstances which deny access to other types of equipment.

Search and Rescue watercraft on lake.
BRP has generously donated a Search and Rescue watercraft to the Inuvik Canada Coast Guard Auxiliary. Photo courtesy BRP/Facebook

The Inuvik Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (CCGA) is pleased to announce that BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) has generously donated one (1) Search and Rescue (SAR) watercraft, which is a specially equipped utility version of the popular Sea-Doo personal watercraft, to the Inuvik Marine Rescue unit to enhance operational capacity.

The SAR watercraft will be primarily allocated to respond within the Mackenzie Delta region but may be deployed to additional locations along the Arctic Coast as required. The addition of the unit will enable the Inuvik CCGA to increase coverage to a number of remote locations and assist residents in emergency situations.

BRP designed that watercraft with the purpose of Search and Rescue in mind. The SAR unit is fast, stable, highly manoeuvrable, and can operate in circumstances which deny access to other types of equipment. This one Inuvik CCGA SAR watercraft will be the first in Canada’s Arctic.

The Inuvik CCGA takes an active role as a volunteer group to ensure boating safety within the general public and facilitates rescues in conjunction with other agencies. We view the donation of one SAR watercraft as a valuable and highly desired addition to our inventory of marine equipment and we will be putting the SAR watercraft into operation immediately.

The Inuvik CCGA is grateful for this donation and warmly thanks BRP. This equipment will enhance our operational capability and we can now move forward towards search and rescue mandate. Inuvik CCGA is based in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, north of the Arctic Circle with a search area equivalent to the size of Vancouver Island.

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