BCSF issues RFP for Safety Program refresh

The BCSF Safe Operator Course is used by business, government, RCMP, Search and Rescue, and snowmobile clubs

Person on snowmobile, with 'Caution - Snowmobile route' sign.
The BCSF is undertaking a comprehensive review of their Safe Operator Course. Photo courtesy SnoRiders/Ski Doo file photo

The BCSF is the leading organization in providing snowmobile safety training on snow in British Columbia. Our program is used by business, government, RCMP, Search and Rescue, and snowmobile clubs for training their workers on the use of snowmobiles in the workplace. Additionally, our program provides beginner operator training to people that are starting to use snowmobiles for the first time personally for recreation.

The BCSF Safe Operator Course is an on-snow course that was developed more than 15 years ago. We believe the course is still relevant but does require some areas to be updated and improved. It is our desire to remain the number one source for hands-on Snowmobile Safety Training in the Province of BC and therefore, we are undertaking a comprehensive review of our program with the expected outcomes of:

1. A comprehensive course curriculum that exceeds current legislated requirements and includes best practices from other jurisdictions.

2. A network of highly qualified BCSF Certified snowmobile instructors across BC.

3. Consistent curriculum and program delivery across the Province.

4. Increased program participation that results in safer snowmobile operators in the Province.

For full details please see the Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals closes: July 31st, 2019

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