2015 snowmobile sales in Canada up 21% over 2012 levels

Early season sales boosted the entire year for snowmobile industry.

Group of snowmobilers on snowy mountainside
Snowmobiling remains a popular sport in Canada as sales figures reveal a 21% boost over previous years. Photo courtesy Wayne Davis/ISMA

Ed Klim, executive director of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association, released the 2015 sales figures for the snowmobile industry at the recent International Snowmobile Congress held in Niagara Falls, USA.

Sales were up in USA more than 7% year-over-year, while sales in Canada were up 4% last year.  Looking back over three years of sales, 2015 sales outstripped 2012 in the USA by 17% and in Canada by a whopping 21%.

US Snowmobile Sales (Last five years)
2015 – 58,299
2014 – 54,028
2013 – 48,536
2012 – 48,689
2011 – 51,796

Canadian Snowmobile Sales (Last five years)
2015 – 50,752
2014 – 48,758
2013 – 44,022
2012 – 40,165
2011 – 40,878

There were 606,802 snowmobiles registered in Canada.  This is the highest number of registrations since 2009 when there were 765,000 registered snowmobile in the country.

The average age of a snowmobiler is 44 years old, 68% of snowmobilers belong to club or association and on average sledders rode 1520 miles or 2,900 kilometers last season.

Snowmobiler tend to be active in pursuing other pursuits as well.  Here is a breakdown of other popular activities snowmobilers enjoy: 75% Fishing, 54% Camping, 42% Boating, 42% Hunting, 42% Golfing, 38% Hiking, 33% ATV Riding, 29%Motorcycle Riding, 25% Down Hill Skiing, 13% PWC riding and 21% other.

Worldwide snowmobile sales however slipped in 2015, largely influenced by a challenging Russian market, with 150,713 snowmobiles sold verses 157,106 the year before.

Though it was a low snowfall winter in much of the snowbelt states and western provinces, the manufacturers benefited from particularly strong early season sales which boosted the entire year.

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