Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in Shuswap, B.C.

Trial maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other useful information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to Shuswap, BC

by Kirsten Armleder

Photo of a snowmobiler in the Shuswap
Sledders can spend all day tearing up fresh powder in the many wide open meadows at Pukeashun Mountain in the Shuswap region. Jim Lamar photo

Located in the southern interior of B.C., the Shuswap region offers a wide variety of snowmobiling opportunities. Whether it’s trail riding, boondocking, hillclimbing or tree riding that turns your crank, the Shuswap has something for everyone. Communities within the region, such as Sicamous and Salmon Arm, provide all the necessary restaurants, accommodations, fuel stations and other services to make your snowmobiling trip to the Shuswap a truly memorable experience.

Trail map of Shuswap, BC snowmobiling areas

For information on Shuswap snowmobile trails and how to find staging areas, download the Shuswap Tourism’s Snowmobile Trail Map. For a general map of the sledding zones around Sicamous, download SnoRiders trail map.

Main snowmobiling trails in Shuswap, BC

Crowfoot Mountain

Located north of Shuswap Lake near Celista (36 kilometres from Chase), Crowfoot offers terrain for intermediate to expert riders and great views of Shuswap Lake. Elevations range from 1,200 metres to 2,250 metres, allowing sledders to experience subalpine regions, alpine regions or both. (Read our full description of the Crowfoot Mountain area.)


Novice riders can enjoy tracking up the many open meadows and lakes or stop and take in the amazing view from the peak of Pukeashun Mountain in the North Shuswap highlands. If you prefer boondocking, no doubt you will find fresh powder in the trees that will take weeks to track up. (Read our full description of the Pukeashun Mountain riding area.)

Fly Hills

Located only 10 minutes outside Salmon Arm on a graded forest service road, the Fly Hills snowmobile area is equipped with cement loading ramps to make loading and unloading an easy task, and there is a firepit and outhouse for family-friendly trail riding. Large maps at the parking lots, chalet and several areas on the hill show riders where they are and how to get around. (Read our full description of the Fly Hills snowmobile area.)

Spa Hills

Maintained by the Spa Hills Snowmobile Club, Spa Hills offers approximately 120 kilometres of marked snowmobile trails that are located in the Spa, Bolean and Arthur Lake areas. The trails run through avalanche-safe clear-cuts, meadows and burned-off areas that are great for boondocking and link with the Salmon Arm Snow Blazers’ Fly Hills snowmobiling area. (Read our full description of the Spa Hills Snowmobile riding area.)

Blue Lake

Blue Lake near Sicamous is a groomed trail which boasts ample meadow, wide open slopes for tree riding and a small training hill for beginner riders and families. While novice riders can stay on the training hill, family members with more riding experience can slip away to the more challenging areas beyond the cabin before returning to the rest of the family. (Read our full description of the Blue Lake groomed trail.)

Eagle Pass

While the Eagle Pass alpine trail may seem easy going at first, the last two kilometres of the area become more narrow, rugged and extremely steep. Described as a hill-climbers’ dream, its remote peaks, endless size and average of 40 feet of snow a year make the area a show-stopper for even the most experienced sledder. Eagle Pass is about 29 kilometres east of Sicamous. (Read our full description of the Eagle Pass alpine trail.)

Queest Mountain

Excellent for intermediate riders, Queest Mountain near Sicamous (pronounced like “quest”) offers easy trail riding along a groomed forestry road to a warming cabin. Past the cabin, riders will find ample open meadow and large hills for meadow riding and boondocking. The trailhead for Queest is just a five-minute drive from downtown Sicamous. (Read our full description of Queest Mountain.)


Owlhead offers high terrain and something for everyone. It has a beautiful chalet as well and the trailhead is only three minutes from downtown Sicamous. Owlhead is a large area so bring extra fuel is you plan on doing some exploring.

Local snowmobiling events in Shuswap, BC

  • Sicamous Ladies’ Ride

    This event is actually open to everything and it attracts men and families as well. In the past, all proceeds from this event have been donated to a local charity. The Sicamous Ladies Ride will often take place in February.

  • Hunters Range Snowmobile Association Ladies Ride

    This is an annual event that is open to women of all riding abilities. It is organized by the Hunters Range Snowmobile Association in Enderby and the event is often held in March.

Shuswap, BC snowmobile clubs

Based in Enderby, the Hunters Range Snowmobile Association maintains the Brash/Ashton Trailhead and the LaForge Trailhead. Grooming reports are on the club’s website. 

The club and society work together to maintain, groom and  promote the sledding in Sicamous. News, updates and a grooming report for each of their four riding areas are published on their website. 

The Crowfoot Mountain Snowmobile Club manages and maintains the Crowfoot Mountain area. Visit the club’s website for trail pass information, membership fees and a calendar of events. 

The Spa Hills Snowmobile Club in Falkland, B.C., has approximately 120 kilometres of marked snowmobile trails in the Spa, Bolean and Arthur Lakes areas. For photos, videos and weather updates from their area, see the club’s website. 

The Salmon Arm Snow Blazers look after the Fly Hills Snowmobile Area. See the club’s web page for day use fees and membership information as well as a contact for their club. 

Shuswap, BC tourism info

Shuswap, BC snowmobile dealers

Sledder hangouts in Shuswap, BC

  • Grizzly Lodge on Pukeashun Mountain is one place you’ll find local riders.
  • Joe Schmuck’s Road House in Sicamous offers one of the best breakfasts, with sledding videos playing in the background to get you revved up for a day of riding.
  • After a day of riding around Sicamous, head to Moose Mulligan’s Pub and Restaurant for good food and drinks.

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