Avalanche Canada promotes easy-to-use Mountain Information Network

For real-time, location-specific information on snow, ice, avalanche, and weather conditions this winter

A snowmobiler cuts through snow in a glad as the sun shines above the mountains in the distance.
Avalanche Canada’s new Mountain Information Network offers snowmobilers a better tool for advanced communication. Photo courtesy Avalanche Canada

Avalanche Canada is promoting their user-friendly Mountain Information Network (MIN). The network allows sledders to gather and share real-time, location-specific information.

Reports are easy to upload—no special expertise is needed.

  • Quick reports share general snow, weather, and ice conditions.
  • Avalanche reports share information on notable avalanches, or overall avalanche conditions.
  • Snowpack reports share observations on snowpack depth, layering, and bonding. Snowpack test results are also useful.
  • Weather reports share data on temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and cloud cover.
  • Incident reports help us all learn by describing close calls and accidents.

MIN reports are also available in a list view, where you can sort by date, forecast region, and report type.

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