Old Sled Zone: What’s your favourite snowmobile collectible?

It seems like anything vintage snowmobile-related is getting harder to find, and therefore pricier

Back-lit barroom sign with a picture of a Scorpion snowmobile and couple sitting around a campfire.
Talk about retro! Once part of the decor of a smoky bar somewhere, this vintage back-lit sign is now the prized possession in the author's sled collection. Keith Powell photo

Keeping with our theme of vintage snowmobile collectible items — after last week’s article about vintage sled decals, it seems like anything vintage snowmobile related is getting harder and harder to find and therefore pricier all the time.

Old snowmobile book.
Keith Powell photo

What are we talking about here? 1960’s and 1970’s helmets, snowmobile suits, badges, race programs, oil tins, magazines, books, manuals, signage, key fobs – you get the idea. I guess the snowmobile crowd is no different than society in general as it turns back to all things retro – we all yearn for a return to the “good ol’ days.”

Though my collection of vintage snowmobile items is pretty limited — the one prized item I have is a vintage back-lit barroom sign featuring a photo of a classic Scorpion snowmobile with a happy snowmobiling couple huddled around a campfire.

A few of my other collectibles include a couple of oil tins, a few old snowmobile magazines and quite an extensive collection of vintage snowmobile advertisements featuring the likes of early machines like Bolens, Polaris, Arctic Cat, Roll-o-Flex, Sno Jet and many more.

Vintage Quaker State oil tin.
Keith Powell photo

However, my best collection of vintage snowmobile related pieces may be my library of snowmobile-related books that I have accumulated over the years. Titles such as: Warriors of Winter - Bill Vint, 1977; A Manual of Snowmobiling - Judith Helmker, 1971; The Snowmobiler's Companion - Sally Wimer, 1973; The Complete Snowmobile Repair Handbook - Paul Dempsey, 1974, Complete Guide to Snowmobiling - June Maxam, 1970 and many others.

What's your most prized snowmobile collectible? Let us know or, better yet, send us a photo. Email: [email protected]

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