Best of Old Sled Zone 2019 - #10: Family Vintage Ride

Alberta resident Michael Kaplan took his kids out for a Family Day adventure back in February

A trio of vintage sleds takes Michael Kaplan's family out for a Family Day adventure.
A trio of vintage sleds takes Michael Kaplan's family out for a Family Day adventure. Michael Kaplan photo

Over the next 10 weeks we will feature the Top 10 Old Sled Zone articles we have ran on SnoRiders website over the last year. We have ranked them according to the number of “likes” each posting received on the SnoRiders Facebook page.

So enjoy our list of the Top 10 most popular Old Sled Zone postings from the last 12 months or so — in our annual feature called 2019 Best of Old Sled Zone.

Starting off the list at Number 10 with 627 likes - A Salute to a Family Vintage Snowmobile Ride:

We spied these great looking vintage machines posted on the Alberta Relic Riders social media page. And as much as we like to see old snowmobiles on display at a show or in the shop, we really love to see old snowmobiles on the trail.

Michael Kaplan, of the Edmonton area, posted these photos of his family out for a vintage ride on Alberta’s recent Family Day. It looked like a wonderful day for riding — blue sky, comfortable weather and plenty of snow.

Michael’s post read, “Took the relics (old machines) out for family day. Put the kid on Olympic for the first time. The poor thing spent some time on its side and in the trees (lol). By the end of the day he had it figured though.”

What a great way to spend Family Day in Alberta—with your family—everyone enjoying a ride on the vintage sleds.

The machines look like a vintage Ski Doo Olympique, an early model Yamaha GS 340 and an Arctic Cat or maybe an old Merc – can’t quite tell?

Old sled or new sled, why not take the family out snowmobiling before the end of the season? Chances are they will have a blast just like Michael Kaplan’s family did somewhere near Edmonton — that's what a Canadian winter is all about, right?

Congratulations and enjoy your time on the trails with your family and your vintage snowmobiles, Michael.

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