Worth the drive

Geoff Witwiki is willing to make the trip for sensational sledding.

person sledding
Geoff Witwiki took this dynamic photo of one of his uncles carving up some of the untouched powder near Nipawin. photo by Geoff Witwiki

How often do you travel from Regina to Nipawin to snowmobile? 

I think last year I went up three or four times.

Why do you go to Nipawin?

I’ve got family who live up there and it’s a good place to go. It had good snow last year. It’s a mixture of everything; you can go for a couple of days and ride through a bit of everything. We don’t ride along the trails much. There are some great trails but we cut our own path. That’s the reason we go.

How much sledding did you get in last year?

I think we averaged 1,500 miles.

Can you remember the day the photo was taken?

That was with my two uncles in early January and we went up there because no place else had such good snow. We went up there and did over 100 miles that day and didn’t cross tracks anywhere. That’s the nice thing about that area.

Do you ride, Nadine?

[Nadine] Not yet. Geoff took me out last year. It’s fun. It’s just getting used to the cold and getting so bundled up you can barely move and sitting on the back. This year I’ll try going on my own.

Did you get stuck?

[Nadine] No, he took it easy on me (laughs).

What was your first machine?

[Geoff] I had a 1980 Moto-Ski.

And how did you get into snowmobiling?

I think everybody else at school had a machine and I wanted one. My dad didn’t have one; (my dad and my uncles) didn’t start riding until about 10 years ago.

So you pulled them into sledding?

Yes. I kept trading up every year and over time they just decided to keep one or keep two (sleds). At one point, there were over four in the garage.

Where would you like to try sledding?

I’d say Wyoming or Idaho. I’ve got a lot of friends who go out that way and say it’s not a lot of vertical. It’s just a lot of holes and bowls.

Where’s the best place you’ve ever been?

Nothing compares to home.


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