Lots of snow

Nipawin is a starting point for adventure-filled sledding

Members of the Twin Lakes Trail Blazers snowmobile club
Members of the Twin Lakes Trail Blazers snowmobile club love to spend time on the amazing trails around Nipawin. photo by Kevin Verzonowski

According to Kevin Verzonowski, president of Nipawin’s Twin Lakes Trail Blazers snowmobile club, Nipawin has a little bit of everything when it comes to sledding.

“We’ve got lots of bush riding, open fields, beautiful hills, old logging roads, lake riding—anything you could want, we’ve got,” he said.

Verzonowski describes Nipawin as a hub that provides sledders with over 300 kilometres of groomed 14—foot—wide trails—and there are a variety of trails for different riding styles and skills.

“And we’re always guaranteed lots of snow,” Verzonowski added.

Come back through Love

For a quick trip out on the snowmobile, Verzonowski recommends the southwest loop. The trail goes along Codette Lake to the Wapiti ski hill and provides plenty of access to open fields. Another popular trail travels north across frozen Lake Tobin; the trek consists of riding cross—country over fields, through boreal forest and along beautiful hilly terrain before turning back south. It returns through the hamlets of Love and White Fox, across the power dam and into town.

The ultimate ride

When asked to name the ultimate snowmobiling trip from Nipawin, Verzonowski replied without hesitation: “Hudson Bay.” A ride of more than 200 kilometres one way, the trip east to the town of Hudson Bay is part open country and part bush, crossing several frozen lakes. Sledders generally make the journey an overnight one, and it’s always memorable.

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