Growing in popularity

With its beautiful scenery, Nipawin attracts many sledders

person on a sled
With amazing lakeside viewpoints along nearly every trail, it is no wonder Nipawin is such a great place for snowmobiling. KPI File Photo

Situated on the shores of Tobin and Codette lakes, Nipawin is known for its pretty trails and interesting lake scenery.

“The majority of the trails run through evergreen and poplar forests,” said Sherry Michalyca, economic development officer for the Town of Nipawin and a member of the Twin Lakes Trailblazers snowmobile club.

A town that has everything

“I think people like the Nipawin area because it is a great base for accommodations,” added Michalyca. “You have everything from wilderness cabins to resort hotels that cater to snowmobilers.”

In the town of Nipawin, there is a snowmobile bypass that goes around the community and riders are allowed to run their snowmobiles in town to get to the bypass trail. There are only a few places in Nipawin where your snowmobile is restricted for safety reasons. The bypass trail links riders to services, restaurants and hotels.

“We are truly a snowmobile—friendly town,” said Michalyca.

Touring the trails

One of the trails that goes near the town is the Trans Canada Trail, which is a popular ride among many of Nipawin’s sledders.

The Tier 1 trail is another unique bypass trail, according to Michalyca, that features a lot of hills and great powder conditions.

Over the dam

“We also have a gated and fenced snowmobile crossing that goes over the local hydro dam,” said Michalyca. “The view is quite something.”

This crossing is a relatively new feature in Nipawin. The Twin Lakes Trailblazers raised over $200,000 to build a crossing over the dam, which was done to address safety concerns.

“The ice along the dam is often quite unstable and crossing the lakes is sometimes unsafe because it is part of the North Saskatchewan River,” said Michalyca. “This project was extremely important in establishing a safe crossing for the average snowmobiler.”

Rally fun

Nipawin attracts snowmobilers all winter long, but many look forward to February, as the local snowmobile club hosts a vintage snowmobile rally that features drag races, shows and other fun events. During the second week of February, there is a snowmobile rally organized by the local Elks Club and the RCMP to raise money for the D.A.R.E. program.

“We’ve seen snowmobilers come from as far away as New Hampshire and the Carolinas,” said Michalyca. “The reason they come is because there is so much space out here.”

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