Club Profile: Lee River Snow Riders

Everything you need to know to ride through Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

by Kyle Born

Volunteers with the Lee River Snow Riders load up and supply wood for five warm-up shelters.
Volunteers with the Lee River Snow Riders load up and supply wood for five warm-up shelters. Photo courtesy Brad Wall

Should you and your snowmobile play in Lac du Bonnet? Well, over 10,000 snowmobiles take to the trails each season, so you’d be in good company. The club has come a long way since it started up 30 years ago. Learn all about the Lee River Snow Riders and discover what all the fuss is about in Lac du Bonnet.

How many kilometres of trails do you have? 


What are your top trails/riding areas? 

Timberline and Tin Shack to Nopiming Lodge

How do you get to the staging area? 

Highway 315 takes you to Trappers gas station.

Is there enough room at the staging area for trucks with big trailers?

There is room for about 10 trucks and trailers.

Is the staging area plowed regularly?

It's plowed weekly and there is gas available (Esso) from Thursday to Monday.

Do trail fees apply to all your trails/riding areas? If so, how much are the trail fees? 

Yes, the provincial trail pass is valid for all trails.

How much is it for an annual membership?  

A family membership is $25.

Where can I get a trail pass?

Any Manitoba Public Insurance agency

What kind of groomer does your club have?

2016 Prinoth Husky

Are there any cabins or warm-up shelters in the area. What are they like? 

We have five warm-up shelters. They all have wood stoves, firewood and LED lighting.

When do you have your club meetings?

We meet once per month from September to May.

What are your annual events and when do they usually take place?

  • We have a Chili Cook Off in January which sells out in three days. This year we had 12 chili cookers.
  • Free Hot Dog Day is on February 18th.
  • The Poker Derby takes place at the end of February.
  • Our Farewell to Winter windup is May 13th in Lac du Bonnet. The event sells out in two weeks or less with about 300 people in attendance. This year will include a live band.
  • We also have a golf tournament at Black Bear Golf Course in June.

How does a person join the club?

To join, go online to our website at, contact any director, or go to Trappers Gas Station on Highway 315.

What year was the club started?


On average, how many members are in your club?

220 family memberships. Probably over 400 members.

Who is the current club president?

Brad Wall

If people want more information about the club or the area, whom can they contact?

President Brad Wall or vice-president Brian Smiley through the club email on

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