Lac du Bonnet has sledding spirit

This young member of the Lee River Snow Riders is proud to live in such a sled-centric location.
This young member of the Lee River Snow Riders is proud to live in such a sled-centric location. Due to the wide open terrain around Lac du Bonnet, sledders of all ages can tackle the trails. The Snow Riders club warmly welcomes the whole family to participate. Photo courtesy Brad Wall

Located approximately an hour's drive from Winnipeg, Lac du Bonnet is a well-known snowmobiling community. It is touted as an outdoor recreation hub, and sledding is the top activity due to the area's lengthy winter season.

The eastern Manitoba riding zones extend for hundreds of kilometres, and in the territory around Lac du Bonnet, you can ride trails maintained by four different snowmobile clubs: the Lee River Snow Riders, Nopiming Snomads, Eastman SnoPals and Mooswa Lake Snow Riders. Take your pick from the variety of routes, and see what so many riders have been raving about.


Guys snowmobiling around Lac du Bonnet
Sledders can cruise along a number of Manitoba trails, starting in Lac du Bonnet. Volunteers from the local clubs have placed warm-up shelters at regular intervals to protect riders from the chilly temperatures. Photo courtesy Brad Wall
Free Hot dog day at Anson Shelter - everyone who stops in gets a free hot dog and drink
Shown here is one of the free hot dog days held at the Anson Hut shelter—everyone who stopped in got a free hot dog and a drink. This is one of the numerous events put on by the Lee River Snow Riders, which also hosts poker rides and summer golf tournaments. This past spring (March, 2017) the Anson shelter was upgraded, as volunteers replaced the old roof with a brand-new one. Photo courtesy Brad Wall

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