Yamaha unleashes the 2019 SideWinder S-RX LE

by Kirsten Armleder

blue sidewinder s-rx le
The 2019 SideWinder S-RX LE is the fastest sled money can buy. Yamaha Motor Canada photo

Yamaha’s flagship model for 2019 is the SideWinder S-RX LE. Designed for lake racers and groomed trail riders who like to go fast, the S-RX LE is built around the Genesis 998 Turbo engine—which, in some dyno tests, is pegged above the 200-horsepower mark.

But that wasn’t enough for Yamaha.

To meet acceleration, top speed and handling goals, engineers lowered the S-RX using a special set of dual rate front springs, a dual rate centre spring and lower reload rear torsion springs. The S-RX also benefits from Fox iQS electronic adjustable suspension and a 15- by 137- by 1.00-inch Ripsaw Track and that is fully clipped for maximum driveline efficiency.

“This sled is a blast on the trails,” said Jaret Smith, snowmobile product and accessory planner at Yamaha Motor Canada. “It reminds me of my 2000 SRX I had many years ago. The sled’s power is so linear it pulls hard out of every corner and with the SRX unique suspension, the sled stays flat and rails around corners. Every time I threw a leg over this sled, I was left grinning from ear to ear. In trail conditions, the 1.00-inch (track) is surprising. It hooks hard and pulls right through the triple digits. The overall balance of the sled is spot on. It’s playful yet confident.”

The SideWinder S-RX LE is available during the spring power surge event only. So if you didn’t get your deposit in before April 16, 2018, then you’ll have to wait until someone’s ready to part with theirs, which is unlikely given the collectability of this sled.

For more information, see the website.

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