Thunderstruck 16 movie review

by Kirsten Armleder

Cover art for Thunderstruck 16.
Tips up for Thunderstruck 16. Cover art courtesy Thunderstruck Films

Every year, the waiting-for-snow syndrome kicks in around the same time Thunderstruck Films starts shipping. Coincidence? I think not. 

This year, we at least didn’t have to wait for snail mail to see what Mark Mesenbrink, Trennis Bauer and the usual suspects were up to last winter. On Thunderstruck TV, you can download or stream any one of the 160-plus TS videos you want.

Released August 21, 2017, Thunderstruck 16 is the latest full-feature flick, and for an hour and 35 minutes, it will help you forget about this perpetually scorching summer, bringing back the unrivalled sensation of fresh snow smashing us in the face. TS 16 is chock full of deep pow segments.

As promised, however, it highlights all aspects of snowmobiling. Frequent flyers will enjoy watching Shad Simmons and Logan Thibodeau catch some air miles while the techie guys will love Linden Ladouceur’s creek bashing and Ryan Smith’s re-entries and time in the trees. Kim Onasch cranks the girl power up to 11 while Julio Eiguren’s gnarly chute climbs will delight the more traditional and high-horsepower fans of Thunderstruck. Brock Hoyer brings the snow bike side of things into play, and we also get to see him on a sled. Spoiler alert—he makes Yamaha look good.

Historically, the soundtracks to Thunderstruck have primarily been rock, but this year, filmmaker Jim Phelan mixes it up with some more vibin’ tracks. We’re pleased, but as film critics, we’d also like to see a little more storyline. Overall, though, Thunderstruck is a good pre-season watch to get you amped up for what we are hoping will be another epic season of backcountry sledding.

Visit Thunderstruck TV or the website to check it out. 

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