Stuckmate lets you operate the throttle while pulling on a ski

by Kirsten Armleder

Stuckmate weighs less than a pound and packs away in its own small storage pouch. Stuckmate photo

Getting your sled unstuck is easier when there’s a helping hand to pull on a ski while you operate the throttle. Sometimes, though, your riding buddy might be elsewhere and unable to get to you immediately. That’s when Stuckmate comes in handy.

Invented by a Canadian snowmobiler, this device hooks to the handlebar and throttle of your sled. At the other end of a six-foot cable there is an actuator gun. Squeeze the trigger to operate the throttle while you tug on the ski.

You’ll of course want to stand on the side of the sled while operating the trigger and make sure the Stuckmate tether cord is attached to your wrist before you begin. In case of a runaway snowmobile, the tether will pull Stuckmate away from the handlebar and stop actuating the throttle. According to developers, Stuckmate is built from a material that will function properly in -40 C, and the stainless steel parts will not rust or corrode.

It may not be applicable to every situation, but Stuckmate would definitely come in handy for those low-angle stucks.

For more information, see the Stuckmate website

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