Powder Keg Life Kit

by Kirsten Armleder

Storage space is limited on today’s snowmobiles. We find ourselves packing everything—from safety and survival gear to extra clothes and snacks on our back—and believe me, our packs feel like dead weight by the end of the day. Safety items, such as your avalanche shovel, beacon and probe, must be worn on your person, but some of the other stuff could be stored on the sled.

There are several tunnel bags on the market but the issue with most of them is that they are only “water-resistant,” which means by the end of a good pow day, your gear will be soaking wet. So much for that spare pair of dry gloves!

Powder Keg LLC, based in Clarkston, Washington, makes a series of hard-shell snowmobile tunnel boxes that are lightweight and waterproof. The Life Kit storage box is the company’s newest option.

It features a new lid design with built-in spots for Powder Keg’s all-aluminum shovel as well as a Sparkie fire starter, an LED flashlight, a 16-inch folding saw and two containers—one for matches and another for fire-starting fuel. All of these items are included in the Life Kit. As with any of the company’s tunnel boxes, the Life Kit is designed for easy installation and removal. Powder Keg also says its products are durable and can withstand temperatures below -51 C.

For more information, see Powder Keg’s website

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