New Xtreme Performance Trail Skis by C&A Pro Skis

by Kirsten Armleder

Black Xtreme Performance Trail skis.
The new XPT skis come in black or white and the mount kit is sold separately. C&A Pro Skis photo

The Hutchinson, Minnesota-based C&A Pro Skis just released new skis for high-performance trail riders. Called Xtreme Performance Trail, or XPT for short, these skis offer better grip for cornering and improved handling in all conditions.

First of all, they are made from UHMW Poly, a flexible and extremely durable material that sets all C&A Pro Skis apart. With a maximum width of 6.25 inches, the XPT skis are designed for all snow conditions, whether it’s loose or hard-pack. The integrated mid-centre keels are said to make darting a thing of the past and the location of these keels allow the carbides to have more contact with the ground, which makes for better cornering. They also work in conjunction with the ¾-inch deep inner keel to grab a line and hold it.

Last but not least, the XPT skis include a tapered rear section and raised tail to offer improved off-camber cornering and to accommodate reverse.

For more information, see the C&A Pro Skis website.

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