Ignite the dark with NightRider LEDS

by Kyle Born

NightRider’s Rider Series: Straight has high-power three-watt Cree LEDs.
NightRider’s Rider Series: Straight has high-power three-watt Cree LEDs. NightRider LEDS photo

Remember those days when mom called you into the house because it was getting dark? Bittersweet memories, to be sure. Fortunately, as an adult, your favourite hobby doesn’t have to come to a stop just because the sun dips under the horizon. Sure, your sled has lights on it, but do they illuminate the night during a blizzard like a lighthouse in a squall? Probably not. Protect yourself by seeing what lies ahead of you with NightRider LEDS.

Rider Series: Straight

Rider Series LED light bars are ideal on the trail. The flood reflectors illuminate a wide area while the spot reflectors shine brightly for distance. The product was designed with a custom-built heat sink keeping the high-power three-watt Cree LEDs running cooler, brighter and longer.

Highlighted features:

  • IP67 certified: waterproof engineered with custom moulded rubber seals
  • Polycarbonate protective lens: scratch resistance, high-impact resistant
  • Longer life: Over 30,000 hours of continuous high output

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