Giant Loop Fender Bag for snow bikers

by Kirsten Armleder

Giant Loop's Fender Bag.
The Fender Bag is a simple, tough and reliable storage option for snow bikers. Giant Loop photo

The Bend, Oregon-based Giant Loop (GL) was quick to jump on the snow bike bandwagon by adapting many of its products, which were already tried and tested by off road motorcyclists, for winter use as well.

A perfect example is Giant Loop’s Fender Bag. Updated in time for winter 2017-2018, the Fender Bag is now RF-welded and 100 per cent waterproof. It also features larger radius hooks with GL’s Rubber Boa Straps for a secure mount on every make or model of bike. The Fender Bag offers three litres of space and it also doubles as a number plate bag with roll-top design for easy access to the contents inside.

For more information, see the website. But first, you might want to upload your snow biking photo(s) and/or videos to SnoRiders' Hotshots contest for your chance to win a free Fender Bag from Giant Loop. You'll have until February 28, 2018, to do so. A winner will be selected and notified by email in March. 

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