CMX snow bikes

by Trish Drinkle

The CMX Snow Bike's unique dual front skis allow for better handling and flotation when you need it most.
The CMX Snow Bike's unique dual front skis allow for better handling and flotation when you need it most. Photo courtesy Mark Hoffman, Crazy Mountain Motorsports

For over 20 years Crazy Mountain Extreme, a.k.a. CMX, has been considered the leader in aftermarket product development for snowmobiles.  Not caving to economic pressure, CMX has remained consistent in its superb quality, using only the finest of materials and exotic metals in each CMX snowmobile that is built from the ground up. Always focused on quality, reliability and performance, the company has taken its technology and dedication to quality into the world of snow bikes.

“At Crazy Mountain Xtreme, we maintain a relentless dedication to perfection," said Mark Hoffman, owner and president of Crazy Mountain Motorsports Inc. "We engineer and build the highest quality backcountry machines for the most demanding backcountry rider."

"We too are avid backcountry adventurers who wish to take advantage of all that the mountains have to offer. We want to see what is on the other side of the ridge, what is beyond the next creek bottom and what is hiding behind those trees," Hoffman said. "We know you do too and that is why we build the equipment necessary to get you there and back.” 

Now in their first year of production, the CMX snow bikes have taken the market by storm.  There are several key features that set CMX snow bikes apart from the rest. 

The most notable feature with the CMX bike kits is the X2 Dual Ski Suspension system rather than the mono ski utilized by other manufacturers.  This dual ski application allows for better handling and enhanced flotation, which equates to a more confident, comfortable rider.  The independent suspension is designed to eliminate roll stiffness creating a more maneuverable bike with a smoother more predictable ride. 

The extra flotation truly shines in deep powder applications, opening up limitless adventure.  The Raptor X2 Dual Ski Suspension system features billet aluminum spindle components for strength and durability. 

As with all CMX builds, great attention to detail has been given to the balance of the bike. Most manufacturers have the secondary drive system and chain drive mounted on the left side of the bike, creating an imbalance.  CMX designed its secondary belt drive system to work from the right, giving a better balanced bike with better performance. To further facilitate balance and performance, the rear suspension design is mounted further forward, creating better balance and snappier enhanced performance. 

The track for the CMX snow bike is unique offering agility and better handling.  The centre lug is 2.5 inches and the outer two lugs are two inches high, allowing for better turning and handling, especially on hard pack. 

“Many who have tried our CMX bike kits are impressed by the ease of handling and performance," said Hoffman. "Riders are amazed by how well this bike gets on top of the snow.” 

Customer support and service is at the forefront of every CMX build, leaving customers more than satisfied.

As happy customer Stell Anderson said, "I have over 200 miles on my CMX kit so far this year. The superior build quality and design along with customer support is second to none.”

Each CMX snow bike kit comes complete. When you buy a CMX bike kit, you will receive the following:

  • CMXBK chassis assembly
  • CMXDS belt drive
  • Bike adapter for your specific model
  • Raptor X2 front end
  • Brake line
  • Drive chain
  • Installation instructions
  • Tech support for installation

The CMX experience is definitely for those who want top-notch quality and attention to detail. Hoffman and his team prefer to keep things smaller scale so they can maintain a personal feel with their clientele. As they have done with snowmobiles, there are long-term plans to build a dedicated snow bike from the ground up in the near future. This will allow the company to create a snow bike that will be rock solid for winter recreation and will not have any of the compensations made when converting a dirt bike for snow application. 

Check out the CMX Facebook page for upcoming events and demo rides on facebook, or visit their website for a complete list of all that Crazy Mountain Motorsports has to offer.

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