Showcasing Cranbrook snowmobilers

Local rider Sheldon Kelly spent last winter riding with and filming Cranbrook sledders for his film Winter Nutz 5

by Kirsten Armleder

A man spreading his arms at the top of a mountain.
Cranbrook, B.C., is a mecca for mountain sledders, such as Bobby Benson (pictured here). photo courtesy Sheldon Kelly

If you frequent the sled shops in Cranbrook, B.C., it is likely that you will hear the name Sheldon Kelly—or you may even cross tracks with him. And if he’s not at one of the shops in town, the 28-year-old is probably up Lumberton—a local riding area—slaying the powder with his video camera on board, looking for opportunities to capture moments of sledding greatness.

Kelly has been riding the Cranbrook area since before he could walk, and his is a familiar face in the local sledding scene. For the past five years, Kelly’s been filming Cranbrook sledders and producing a movie called Winter Nutz. Soon to be released is the fifth edition of Winter Nutz and according to Kelly, it will not disappoint.

The movie will feature Cranbrook riders Cody Macarthur, Bobby Benson, Chris Doratty and Travis Lachovics as well as Darren Pickering of All Seasons Motorsports. It will also feature an interview with Erin McBrearty. McBrearty is a Cranbrook sledder who suffered a severe spinal cord injury in 2012 while sledding at Chatter Creek in Golden, B.C. The interview is about McBrearty’s journey to get back on his sled again.

A well-rounded rider

Like many of us here in Cranbrook, Kelly spends the vast majority of his shred sessions in the trees, but that doesn’t mean he’s a one-trick pony. Anyone who’s ridden with him or watched his videos knows he can air it out too—and then in the spring, he can be found anywhere there’s a climbable chute.

When asked to recall his best ride of last season, Kelly spoke about a chute in the Lumberton area that he and a buddy from Revelstoke, B.C., attempted on May 7.

“It was unreal,” said Kelly. “I hadn’t seen anything that tough in Revelstoke even. There was only about two or three feet that was rideable and there’s a chicane and then a sharp hairpin turn to the right and it was still 20 feet from that turn to the top.”

Fortunately, it was all captured on film, so if you want to see what Kelly’s talking about, be sure to check out Winter Nutz 5. After the premiere on October 5, the DVD will be available for purchase at All Seasons Motorsports, Peak Performance Motorsports and Mulisha Small Engine Repair in Cranbrook as well as at Powerhouse Customs in Revelstoke. 

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