Saskatchewan Club News: Pasquia Snow Goers

by Jenn Derksen

A groomer at the Bradshaws Mill Shelter.
A groomer at the Bradshaws Mill Shelter.

Carrot River and Arborfield act as the home base for the Pasquia Snow Goers and were voted as the top SledTown in Saskatchewan for 2018! We have some exciting changes coming up for the 2019/20 year that we hope will lead to another year as Saskatchewan’s favourite place to ride.

To kick things off, we are working on creating a new trail connecting Carrot River to Tobin Lake by crossing some farmland and then cutting through the beautiful Northern Provincial Forest. Tobin Lake boasts all the amenities you could hope for and more. Not only is the snow plentiful, but there’s also top-notch ice fishing, outstanding food and drink, and excellent accommodations that will all be at your fingertips once this trail is complete.

We have already received permission from the landowners and gotten approval from the  Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association (SSA) for funding. The next step is to seek approval from the Ministry of Environment before work can start. With enough volunteers, it may be possible for this trail to be open for the tail end of the 2020 season.

We are currently seeking corporate sponsorship to help us accomplish the vision we have for the growth and continued success of this club. 

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor to help the Pasquia Snow Goers expand, please contact Jeff at [email protected]. com.

We have also decided to become a member of the Saskatchewan ATV Association (SATVA).  Unfortunately, this does not mean that our trails will be open for ATV use. With half of our trails crossing farmland and the other half too muddy to navigate without causing damage to the trail, it just doesn’t work to open the trails up to ATVs. We appreciate you refraining from using these trails with your ATVs for your own safety, as well as the preservation of our snowmobile trails. 

If you are a current Snow Goers member, you can pay an additional $10 fee to become a member of SATVA as well.  This membership provides you with SATVA updates, as well as 12.5 per cent off Open Skies ATV Insurance. 
To stay in the know with all things Pasquia Snow Goers, “like” our Facebook page: Pasquia Snow Goers Club Inc.

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