ISMA president Ed Klim retires after 28 years

Ed Klim has passed the torch to Canadian Jaret Smith, marking a new chapter in international snowsports

by Danielle Brost

Ed Klim at a podium
Photo courtesy the ISMA

After serving the global snowmobiling community for more than a quarter of a century, Ed Klim, the esteemed president of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA), has announced his retirement. Klim's departure marks the end of an era in the industry, characterized by innovation, growth, and collaboration. Stepping into his shoes is Jaret Smith, a seasoned professional hailing from Canada, poised to lead the ISMA into a new chapter of progress and development.

Ed Klim's legacy within the snowmobiling community is a significant one. Since he became involved in 1995, his leadership has helped to shape the ISMA into an impressive force for industry progress. Under his expertise and guidance, the association has backed technological advancements, safety initiatives, and advocacy efforts—elevating the profile of snowmobiling worldwide.

At SnoRiders, we'd like to express our gratitude for Klim's valuable contributions to our content. Here are some of our readers' favourite articles from his submissions:

- Photo courtesy the ISMA

ISMA President Ed Klim reveals enlightening stats about snowmobilers

The resilient economies of North America and Northern Europe rebounded from the global COVID-19 pandemic, enticing numerous individuals to engage in snowmobiling activities. This provided an opportunity for outdoor family recreation while maintaining social distancing measures and promoting healthy activity.

- Photo courtesy the ISMA

Ed Klim, President of the ISMA, says Take a Friend Snowmobiling

In this article, Klim discusses the Take a Friend Snowmobiling campaign, aimed at encouraging new participants to experience the sport.

"The Take a Friend Snowmobiling rides highlight the 'wow-factor' and the pure enjoyment that people have when they first ride a snowmobile."

- Photo courtesy the ISMA

A message from ISMA president Ed Klim

Despite the challenges posed by the 2019-2020 season due to the emerging pandemic and its subsequent ripple effects, snowmobilers were not kept down for long.

Klim wrote this piece to celebrate the positive aspects of a difficult time, such as an increase in sledding interest and machine sales in some areas.

We wish Ed Klim the best of luck in his retirement and look forward to the great work Jaret Smith will contribute in the coming years.

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