Saskatchewan Club News: Hudson Bay Trail Riders

by Karen Dolezsar

Rick Dolezsar enjoys riding through Hudson Bay.
Rick Dolezsar enjoys riding through Hudson Bay. Photo courtesy Rick Dolezsar

Rick has stepped down as the Sask-atchewan Snowmobile chairman. I think he is trying to simplify as he has tried to retire. Although he enjoyed the challenges this appointment held, he felt it was time to step down. Oh, don’t worry—he is not giving up sledding nor being involved in the SSA.

We would like to welcome the new Saskatchewan Snowmobile chair, Kim Bisschop from Kelvington—Bisshy, as he is affectionately known around the globe. Kim and his wife, Leann, have four children and will soon add a new sledder to the family as they are soon to be grandparents. Their family is very active in their local club and enjoy the sport with a “no fear” take on any project or rally attitude. Congratulations and enjoy your new adventure.

It will be business as usual for our club again this year. We are planning a new shelter for Bertwell and bathroom facilities. Newly added to our fleet this year is a Prinoth Trooper with drag. It is smaller and lighter than our other groomers and drags. Hopefully, it proves to be the answer for our club in the beginning of the season through some of our areas, which receive early snowfall before proper freeze up.  We will also be at the 2019 Snowmobile Show so please stop by our booth and say hi.

We wish Melfort great success with their Provincial Festival in 2020! Remember to pre-register early. These festivals bring in much needed money for the clubs. So please support them and we will see you there.

We hope to see everyone this winter along our trails. Be safe and don’t drink and ride!

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