Manitoba Club News: Message from the President

by Alan Butler

Snoman's AGM and 9th Annual Congress took place on November 1 and 2, 2019. The Snoman Scholarship for $2,000 was awarded to Connor Yarema from the Interlake Snow Trackers.
Snoman's AGM and 9th Annual Congress took place on November 1 and 2, 2019. The Snoman Scholarship for $2,000 was awarded to Connor Yarema from the Interlake Snow Trackers. Photo courtesy Snoman

A big thank you to all of the clubs and members that attended the 9th Annual Snowmobile Congress and Awards Banquet.

The cooler weather is now here and there has been snow in most areas of the province. Please remember to use extreme caution near all waterways. Although we have had some cold temperatures, ice thickness is insufficient to hold the weight of a person on a sled. The best approach is to play it safe and stay off the ice.

Most clubs are ready to roll once we get sufficient snow to allow for grooming, and some clubs have been out signing the trails. We just have to be patient.   

Prior to trail signing, we are encouraging club members to take the online Trail Signing course. There is no charge for taking the course, and it can be found on the Snoman website. The course provides information on the correct method of signing a trail, and by taking the course it will help ensure that all trails are uniformly signed, which will further enhance rider safety.

The new interactive Snoman Trail App has been launched and is available on the App store at “Snowmobilers of Manitoba 2019-2020”. The cost of the App is $3.99, and it's available for both iOS and Android phones. Make sure you know where you are at all times – get the App.   

As we start the season, I would ask that snowmobilers be patient with clubs; it may seem that there is enough snow to groom trails but the clubs are the ones that will determine when it’s time to start grooming. Low snow conditions are very hard on equipment and equipment is very expensive to repair. It is simply better to wait until there is sufficient snow to adequately groom trails; it makes for better trails and is safer for everyone. Please remember clubs are always looking for members and volunteers. Get involved and help make a difference - JOIN A CLUB!

Clubs receive funding to groom and maintain the trails through the sale of Snopasses, so it is important that all those that use the trails purchase a Snopass (orange plate). It takes money to improve and maintain the trails. Do you have a Snopass? What about those you ride with?

As a result of the early winter storm in October, not all crops were harvested and we ask that all riders respect landowners and stay on the designated trail. Venturing off the trail into fields may be affecting someone's livelihood.

Ride safe and enjoy our winter wonderland!   

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