Saskatchewan Club News: Kelvington Jr. Trailblazers

by Shelsie Bisschop

KAOS clubs also can volunteer and help out your club.
KAOS clubs also can volunteer and help out your club.

We are known as KAOS (Kids and Adults On Snowmobiles) or the Kelvington Jr. Trailblazers and are the only KAOS club in Saskatchewan. Over the past two years, we have volunteered at many events and raised a lot of money by doing 50/50 draws. The money we raised so far has gone towards matching Jr. Trailblazer shirts, the building of our very own shelter, money for other Jr. clubs to get started and a day in the city at Wilsons where we went go-carting and attended the Sled Sneak Peek.

Our shelter is our biggest  achievement thus far. It is located 10 kilometres (six miles) northeast of Kelvington on Trail 211C. We have put a lot of work into our shelter and continue to try and make it better. In 2018 we won the chairman’s award for outstanding contribution to snowmobiling in Saskatchewan, which we were honoured to receive. As KAOS we have also volunteered within the Kelvington Trailblazers and helped mark trail at the beginning of the season and pick up the signs at the end. We have also helped build the new shop for the Kelvington Trailblazers’ groomers and wide-tracks.

As we head into our third year of being a club, we have nine members and we are continuing to grow. We plan to have meetings at least once a month where we learn how to maintain the trails and how to run meetings. We have our own president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer along with lots of parent help. This coming snowmobile season we are going to raise even more money to go towards maintaining our shelter and fixing up a vintage sled for raffle. We plan to get more KAOS clubs started around the province. We will be attending and volunteering at ISC 2020 in Regina. We hope to go on a ride with the Prairie Women on Snowobiles while they are in the area and do a 50/50 raffle at the lunch in Kelvington. We will also be creating a Facebook page to share updates and achievements of our club.

Why should you encourage youth within your community to start a KAOS club?

Most clubs around the province are composed of older members, and in 20 years there may not be very many clubs left, which is why we encourage the youth to get involved so that there is a future for snowmobiling in Saskatchewan. When you create a KAOS club, you can teach them how to run meetings, how to maintain your trail system and what it takes to be a club member. One day in the future, they will be able to take over and run your club since they have been taught what to do.

KAOS is the future of snowmobiling in Saskatchewan, and if we don’t get the youth involved now, there will be no clubs and trails in the future. KAOS clubs also can volunteer and help out your club. If you show them how things are done properly, they can learn how to manage and maintain their own club and give your club a future.

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