Alberta Club News: Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club

by Tyler Geddes

Volunteers cook chili and hot dogs at the 2019 Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club Poker Rally.
Volunteers cook chili and hot dogs at the 2019 Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club Poker Rally.

The Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club has been around for over 45 years. While they have not always had a trail system to call their own, they have been working with the local council since 1994 to develop what is now a trail that spans over 130 kilometres. Touted as the closest trail system to the city of Edmonton, the club’s volunteers take great pride in continually developing a wonderful family-friendly trail system for all to enjoy.

The dedicated group of volunteers meet monthly from September to April to work towards a common goal of safe, family-friendly snowmobile trails. Some of this work includes drilling and installing marker posts on Lac Ste. Anne and Lake Isle to mark the route across the lakes, clearing downed trees, and many hours of grooming the trails to make them smooth and safe. Since 1997 the club has successfully expanded the trail a total of six times to make it what it is today.

Currently, there are three restroom stops on the trail, two firepit warm-up spots and three staging areas. The club works in conjunction with the local Lions Club for their annual snowmobile rally, held every year on the Alberta Family Day weekend. This rally has been a great success for the club for many years. The club also supports the Lions Club snowmobile drag races held on Sunday of the Alberta Family Day weekend with volunteers and equipment assisting in building the track and then running the races the same day.

The club is currently working with the local council to complete another expansion of the trail, a major washroom facility upgrade at the Stanger Hills Staging Area as well as an additional 14 kilometres of trails in the same area. The club is also looking towards getting additional warm-up shelters onto the trail system and adding further additional loops to the existing trail.

If you want more information about the club or wish to find trail maps and conditions, please visit our website at or find us on Facebook: Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club.

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