Club Profile: Edson Sno Seekers

Everything you need to know to ride through Edson, Alberta

by Kyle Born

A picnic table with Edson Sno Seekers printed into the wood.
The Edson Sno Seekers maintain 300 kilometres of groomed trails and five warm-up shelters. Photo courtesy Darin Nelson

Snowmobilers across Alberta are congregating upon their favourite destination en masse—and for good reason. Edson is Alberta’s reigning SnoRiders’ SledTown ShowDown champion for the second consecutive year.

The Edson Sno Seekers look after 300 kilometres of groomed trails along with five warm-up shelters. The club boasts being family oriented. Their trail system has diverse terrain that allows riders of all levels to enjoy the trail, including many places to get off the trail and explore.

Here’s everything you need to know to sled Edson, Alberta.

How many kilometres of trails does Edson have?


What are Edson’s top trails/riding areas?

Edson has three main areas:

The south area is home to Edson’s newest warm-up shelter. There’s a view of the mountains and the trails lead to the community of Robb.

The north trails have three warm-up shelters and interlink into the Whitecourt trail system.

The Lovett area has great off-trail, open meadow riding in the flats below the Rocky Mountains.

Edson’s South Trail Map.
Edson’s South Trail Map. Image courtesy Edson Sno Seekers

How do I get to the staging area?

Staging area locations are available to view on Edson Sno Seekers trail maps on their website. You can also view them on the NEVERLOST app, which has all of the staging areas marked / pinned.

Edson’s North Trail Map.
Edson’s North Trail Map. Image courtesy Edson Sno Seekers

Is there enough room at the staging area for trucks with big trailers?


Is it plowed regularly?


Do trail fees apply to all of Edson’s trails/riding areas? If so, how much are the trail fees?

The Edson Sno Seekers are part of the Alberta Snowmobile Association. If you have an annual pass, it covers your fee to ride Edson trails and all trails in Alberta. It costs $25 for a day pass.

How much is it for an annual membership?

$80 before January. $90 after January.

Where can I get a trail pass?

Edson’s local dealerships sell trail passes and you can also purchase them online from the Alberta Snowmobile Association website.

A snowmobile groomer is parked next to the Swartz Creek Cabin.
The Swartz Creek Cabin is located on the south loop. Photo courtesy Darin Nelson

What kind of groomer does the Edson Sno Seekers club have?

A Prinoth BR350 with a mogul master 10’ x 18’ drag as well as two 1,200cc Expedition snowmobiles with smaller drags for trail setting and maintenance.

Are there any cabins or warm-up shelters in the area. What are they like? 

The Edson Sno Seekers have five warm-up shelters:

Swartz Creek Cabin is located on the south loop.

Lovett Cabin is located at the Lovett staging area.

Sundance Shelter, Pepperhill Cabin and Tom Hill warm-up shelters are all on the north trail system.

There’s also a picnic spot called Larry's Lunch on the north trails.

A black snowmobile is parked next to a small white warm-up shelter.
The Tom Hill warm-up shelter is on the north trail system. Photo courtesy Darin Nelson

When and where do the Edson Sno Seekers have their club meetings?

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at the Best Western Hotel in the Oak Room.

How does someone join the Edson Sno Seekers snowmobile club?

Buy a membership and show up at any of the meetings.

What year was the club started?


On average, how many members are in the Edson Sno Seekers club?


Who is the club president?

Darin Nelson

What popular events does the Edson Sno Seekers snowmobile club host?

A vintage ride in conjunction with the Alberta Relic Riders where approximately 75 vintage snowmachines show up along with a slew of spectators.

The annual Larry Iwaschuk Memorial Poker Rally, which averages 320 people in attendance.

For more information about the club or the area, who can I contact?

Darin Nelson and Melissa Donkin - [email protected]

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