Snowmobiling in: Sweden

by Kirsten Armleder

Three people on snowmobiles in Northern Sweden.
Snowmobiling is a popular winter activity in Sweden, especially in the Northern part of the country. Mikko Nikkinen/ photo

Once a month, we’ll be taking a brief look at one of the countries being represented at the World Snowmobile Invasion in Whitecourt, Alberta, on February 11 to 15, 2015. This month, it’s Sweden.

Like us, the closest you’ve probably gotten to snowmobiling in Sweden is watching one of the Ruffriders movies or various videos you’ve found on YouTube. And, like us, what you’ve probably noticed is that apart from being on another continent, separated by an ocean, snowmobiling in Sweden isn’t a whole lot different than what we’re used to here in Western Canada. From mountains to meadows, valleys and trails, the terrain appears very much alike. And the riders, they’re just like us—maybe even a little crazier (think Winter XGames gold medallist Daniel Bodin and pro backcountry rider Kalle “KJ” Johansson; they both hail from Sweden).

Like the CCSO in Canada, the Swedish Snowmobile Owners Federation (SNOFED) is the umbrella organization for snowmobile clubs throughout Sweden. Formed in the 1970s, SNOFED has about 126 member clubs under its belt. It is a member of the International Snowmobile Council (ISC)—which meets yearly at the International Snowmobile Congress in the U.S.

SNOFED also works with the Swedish Motorcycle and Snowmobile Council and the National Council on Snowmobiles, to promote the safe and responsible use of snowmobiles throughout the country.

So you see, we’re not all that different after all. More information on snowmobiling in Sweden will be made available during the World Snowmobile Invasion so be sure to get your tickets! 

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