About the Silver Summit Guided Tour

by Kirsten Armleder

Snowmobilers looking at a map at the trailhead.
The Silver Summit Trail is located southwest of Whitecourt, Alberta. In February 2015, there will be a guided tour of this trail taking place during the World Snowmobile Invasion. Rod Romanow photo; courtesy Snowmobiler TV

Whitecourt is the snowmobile capital of Alberta and for good reason. From just about any direction, sledders can find a groomed trail that winds its way through some of the prettiest terrain in Woodlands County.

There will be plenty of opportunities during the Whitecourt Snowmobile Invasion (WSI) to see the area’s immaculate trail system for yourself. You don’t have to go at it alone, though. On Friday, February 13, 2015, Ken Linford, who is past president of the Whitecourt Trailblazers, will be leading a guided tour of the Silver Summit Trail.

Located to the south of Whitecourt, the Silver Summit Trail takes riders away from the city on to Crown land that’s covered with cutlines, pipelines and forestry roads. Along the way are trails that branch off in other directions. At one intersection is a warm-up cabin, which is equipped with a wood stove. If riders stay on the Summit Trail, though, they can ride to the Silver Summit Ski Hill or go all the way to the town of Edson.

The tour in February will only go as far as the Silver Summit Ski Hill, but for most riders, that will be more than enough.

“It’s a two-hour ride one-way,” said Linford, “so four hours round trip.”

Preregistration for the tour is encouraged, and an ASA pass will be required to ride the trail. After having lunch at the Silver Summit Ski Hill, Linford will then lead the ride back to Whitecourt via the Goodwin Lake Trail.

For more information about the tour and to sign up for it, visit the WSI website

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