Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB

Trial maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other useful information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB

by Danielle Cameron

Snowmobiling in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba.
Snowmobiling in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba. Cora Tschetters photo

Ask anyone in Whiteshell Provincial Park about winter recreation, and they will tell you that the snowmobiling here takes the cake. The Whiteshell Snowmobile Club keeps the trails in peak condition, and local sledders have vast Manitoba terrain to explore.



Trail map of Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB snowmobiling areas

For information on snowmobile trails in Whiteshell Provincial Park and how to find staging areas, download the club trail map. For a general map of the sledding zones around Whiteshell, download the SnoRiders trail map.

Main snowmobiling trails in Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB

  • Seven Sisters/Falcon Lake
  • West Hawk Lake
  • Rennie
  • Otter Falls
  • Beauchemin Lake Loop
  • Zubek Trail

Seven Sisters/Falcon Lake

The trail running from Seven Sisters to Falcon Lake is perhaps the easiest trail to ride in Whiteshell Provincial Park, and the most well known among local sledders.

(Read our full description of this area.)


Take a long, relaxing ride from Rennie to the Big Whiteshell Lake. The trail runs for about 80 kilometres and leads to some enticing play areas such as Turtle Lake. 

(Read our full description of this area.)

Otter Falls

Located 15 kilometres from Seven Sisters, the Otter Falls trail leads back to the central area of the Whiteshell. 

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Beauchemin Lake Loop

These two-way trails make up a loop that extends from the main trail. Compared to other routes in the area, these trails are fairly narrow.

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Zubek Trail

The Zubek trail is the newest trail in the area and is located near West Hawk and Caddy Lakes. 

Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB snowmobile club

Whiteshell Snowmobile Club

Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB tourism info

Whiteshell Provincial Park website

Local snowmobiling events in Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB

Each year the Whiteshell Snowmobile Club hosts their poker derby, bringing together avid sledders and their families for a day of fun on the trails.

This year’s Poker Derby is scheduled for February 23, 2019. Registration will be held at the Brereton Lake Resort from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

“We had a big turnout for this event last year, as lunch is supplied at one of our shelters,” said club president Bruce Prozyk. “I believe we had just over 200.”

The club also hosts a golf tournament in August, which sells out at about 130 golfers.

Sledder hangouts in Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB

Brereton Lake Resort
Whiteshell Lake Resort
Betula Lake Resort
Barrier Bay Resort
Pinewood Lodge
Rennie Hotel
West Hawk Lake Resort
Cresecent Beach Cottages & Motel
Falcon Lake Hotel

What local sledders say about Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB

Frank Mutcher having a blast sledding in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba. - Photo courtesy Kris Mutcher

“I like to ride the trails in the loops that go around through Seven Sisters and the Elma Trail. It’s a big circle—about 150 kilometres.”

- Bruce Prozyk, president of the Whiteshell Snowmobile Club

“I love being able to get back into places you don’t normally get to see if you’re not on a snowmobile. You get to see scenery you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. The terrain in the Whiteshell is so diverse. I used to run a snowmobile tour operation here and would have people come who were used to touring in the mountains and from the States. I could take them from wide open lakes to very narrow technical trails, through valleys to climbing rock ridges…it’s a very diverse landscape here in the Whiteshell with not too many places than can compare to it in Manitoba and with trails groomed to this extent.”

- Mike Adey, Whiteshell Snowmobile Club volunteer

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