Tumbler Ridge: Sled to your heart’s content

Come to this B.C. community for varied terrain and deep powder

by Danielle Cameron

Shown are several sledders at the
This photo was taken near the Core Lodge riding zone. After a fire destroyed the original lodge, the Tumbler Ridge Ridge Riders built a new warm-up shelter, thanks to a great deal of hard work from their volunteers. There is a trailhead in the Core Lodge area, with access to three of the most popular intermediate and advanced routes: Windy Ridge, Summit Meadows and Back Meadows. Photo courtesy Adam Court

Tumbler Ridge is attractive to snowmobilers, no matter how long they've been involved in the sport. There is rugged backcountry terrain to please those with more advanced skills and groomed trails with easy riding for families or those just starting out. With alpine conditions bringing foot after foot of fresh snow and a sledding season that goes for six months of the year, it's no surprise that snowmobilers gather here. Some of the top sledding spots are Babcock Mountain, Wolverine and Bullmoose.

Shane Kruse, a member of the Tumbler Ridge Ridge Riders Snowmobile Association, is snowmobiling on a trail through a coniferous forest.
Here is Shane Kruse, a member of the Tumbler Ridge Ridge Riders Snowmobile Association. The devoted Ridge Riders club is always eager to welcome new people to the sport and hosts events on a regular basis. It has a membership deal for young sledders, and there is also a discounted family rate so the whole gang can go out and enjoy the trails. Photo courtesy Northern B.C. Tourism
Four sledders are in front of a spansive mountain view in the Babcock riding area.
Ridge Riders president Adam Court supplied this photo from one of his favourite rides. He set out to explore the Babcock riding area with members of Avalanche Canada and local snowmobiler Jeff Cool. The weather was ideal, the riding was smooth and the company was excellent. Photo courtesy Adam Court

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