Tumbler Ridge: a small place with a big enthusiasm for sledding

Tumbler Ridge is a hot spot for sledding all types and levels of terrain

by Jessica Kirby

The main draw

With more than 300 kilometres of trails to explore in Tumbler Ridge, it’s hard to pick a favourite place to sled, but experienced riders can get their fill at the Albright Ridge in the Wolverine area. Here, sledders will find at least 10 kilometres of meadow riding in smooth bowls, across beautiful glacier lakes and through some dicey creek beds. This area isn’t groomed; it’s an old logging road that, instead of switchbacking, comes back across the Albright Ridge.

Head out from town towards Chetwynd to the end of Wolverine Road past the Wolverine Mine site until you can’t go any farther (depending on how packed the road is). Most importantly, watch for a Y around Kilometre 5 and stay left (you can go right, but then you’re really on your own) until you get to an old cabin.

Once past the cabin, head into the Upper Bowls and to the back side for a spectacular view of Hook Lake. In fact, any time you can get to the top of something be prepared to see for miles, but watch for cliffs on the south side.

Locals like to play to the left of Albright at Full Monte and the Carnage area—a massive bowl with meadow below and about 50 kilometres of unmarked trails.

Sledders’ hangouts

Tumbler Ridge is a small place with big enthusiasm for sledding. Riders catch up and plan their days at the Tumbler Ridge Inn Restaurant or at the Tumbler Ridge Shell station next door.

Extended stay

Families will love the Babcock area for its easy access about 30 kilometres from town on Peace River Mine Road and for meadow and alpine areas that most novice riders can tackle. Head to the top of the mountain for unbelievable views, or head off onto any number of shorter trails for as many mountain adventures as the day calls for.

Bullmoose is another place where you can spend an entire day riding groomed trails to mountains and meadows suitable for any skill level. Head towards the Bull Moose mine site 24 kilometres towards Chetwynd, park at the substation, and pick your trail in.

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