The Pas, MB trail map

Where to sled in an area full of beautiful lakes.

by Thomas Shirtliffe

Located right near the Saskatchewan and Manitoba boundary, north of Duck Mountain Provincial Park, the area surrounding The Pas is a large winter playground for snowmobilers. It has a number of lakes that make it the perfect place to head out for a day and just ride the snow. The Pas is the main staging area and, since most of the trails can be done in a day, you don’t ever need to change that staging area when you are up there. Here are some of the main trails and play areas that are a must when you go to The Pas.

The lakeshore

The Pas has a large number of lakes surrounding the town; too many to count really. They give every snowmobile enthusiast a chance to go for some fun riding that isn’t even on a trail. The bigger lakes in the area are Clearwater Lake, Root Lake, Rocky Lake, Atik Lake and Goose Lake, which is a further bit north. All these lakes have great snow around the shorelines that usually hasn’t drifted. While on the lakes you also get to see some awesome scenery. Most of the lakes listed have shorelines that are parallel to major groomed trails, so if you want to mix up your ride a bit you can jump off the trail and follow a small trail to one of the lakes.

Atik Trail

A trail that is often used as a day trip for families in the area is called the Atik Trail. The trail is only 24 kilometres long and is located just north of Rocky Lake. To get to the trail from The Pas, you leave the town and head north along a series of groomed trails. Eventually you will hit the small town of Wanless. Wanless is about 50 kilometres north of The Pas and provides the only gas station in the area for snowmobilers. It also has a restaurant that, in the winter, is usually full of riders taking a break. It is a natural meeting spot. Once you have taken a break at Wanless, you can head west on a groomed trail known as the Atik Trail. It leads you along the northern shore of Rocky Lake and takes you to Slippery Corner, where you will turn south. This trail will eventually lead you southeast and all the way back to a junction, where you can go south to The Pas or east to the town of Clearwater. Along that trail going south, you will come across some high spots that will provide you with some of the best views of lakes surrounding The Pas. This loop around the area can be done in a day and is a great way to go group riding.

Loppit Trail

The Loppit Trail is only 18 kilometres long and serves as a connecting trail that will lead you to Wanless. The trail runs along the eastern shore of Root Lake and offers a great ride because of its winding turns. The majority of the trail runs through the bush and the trees surrounding you as you ride along are usually covered in a ton of snow. This makes for some excellent photos and some scenic moments. A brand new shelter is soon going to be placed along the trail.

The Pas is a wonderful place to ride in Manitoba. There is always a rider from the Kelsey Trail Sno-Riders who will be more than happy to show you their country and take you out for an adventure on their white pavement.

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