Try some cross-border riding on international trails

International ride on February 15, 2014.

by Keri Wanner

A rider heading out on a North Dakota trail.
A rider heading out on one of the many North Dakota trails. Photo by Keri Wanner

Snowmobile North Dakota and the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association have joined forces to establish an international trail and will celebrate with an International Ride on February 15, 2014.

As our Saskatchewan snowmobile friends jump on their sleds and embark on their new adventure to North Dakota, they will find small town welcomes, open prairies and colourful sunsets. Depending on the adventure they seek, it can lead to the 350 miles of trail surrounding the Minot community or the ultimate adventure to enjoy 1,500 miles connecting to the Manitoba and Minnesota trail systems in eastern North Dakota. While enjoying the your adventure, make sure to visit the Peace Garden and Northeast trail systems to experience North Dakota’s terrain at its best. 

Where to ride

The Peace Garden trail surrounds Lake Metigoshe in the beautiful Turtle Mountains; a true getaway for any snowmobiler seeking to escape a fast-paced life. The trails wind through the trees and open up to amazing rolling meadows. Experience the perfect Turtle Mountain adventure while hopping from one lake to the other. Before you leave, make sure to visit the community of Bottineau and say hi to Tommy the Turtle.

East of Minot, the adventure lands a snowmobiler in the North Central and Lake Region trail systems. Encounter everything the areas offer and spend the day ice fishing. As the trails start to wind north they enter the Northeast trail system. Everyone that visits the Northeast Trail must experience the Pembina Gorge—a phenomenon in the Rendezvous Region.

The quaint community of Walhalla is surrounded by the Pembina Gorge trees and valleys, the perfect place to start a new day's adventure. Don't leave this trail system without heading south and experiencing the Adams Coulee—my favourite spot on the trail system. The trails wind through the trees that surround the awesome coulee.

As the adventure comes to a close, visit the Red River South trail system and enjoy the trail as it winds through river bottoms and shelters. It will make the perfect end to any snowmobile adventure in North Dakota.

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