Three times the fun in the Tri-Valley area near Rocanville

Three river valleys converge here for the ultimate in snowmobiling fun

by Gail Jansen-Kessler

The main draw

Rocanville is where the three valleys of the Pipestone, Qu’Appelle and Assiniboine rivers join together to form one of the most picturesque sets of groomed riding trails in Saskatchewan.

Members of the Tri Valley Trails snowmobiling club usually point new riders in the direction of the Bear Creek Hilton shelter, just 10 or 12 miles west of Rocanville. It’s the site of a weekly Shack Night during the season, 15 to 50 snowmobilers gather for a potluck supper. It’s the first shelter you hit leaving Rocanville and the last one on your return, ensuring that hundreds of riders visit each week.

From there riders can hook up with the Whitewood Trail that takes them past the New Finland shelter, where they can head north to Esterhazy or eastwards around and across Round Lake, heading south at Bird Point down into Whitewood, Saskatchewan, and further on into Moose Mountain Provincial Park, a forested yet hilly terrain dotted with many lakes.

Staging for this and many other trails in the area can start from within the townsite or along any roadside turnout within the area. Just park and ride.
Rocanville has consistent annual snowfall, is full of steep banks and trails and has new reflective signage installed, making for some of the best-marked trails in the province.

Sledders’ hangouts

Looking to get the lowdown on some of the best areas to travel in Rocanville? In addition to the Beaver sreek Hilton Shelter, you’ll find many of the area’s hardcore sledders congregated at:

  • The Oven Door Bakery & Cafe
  • The Apollo Cafe
  • Universe Satellite Sales Ltd., the Arctic Cat dealership in town

Extended stay

Because Rocanville’s trails connect to those maintained by the Whitewood Snow Diggers and the Esterhazy Super Sledders, extended periods of exploring will not go wasted. All the trails are hooked together and can take you as far as Yorkton or Melville. Try day trips around the Rocanville area, staying at the Rocanville Motel. Or travel as far as Esterhazy or Moosomin, stay overnight and head out on travels even further afield, returning to Rocanville by any number of routes.

Popular rides include:

  • Rocanville to St.-Lazare, Manitoba, and from there back into Saskatchewan to Spy Hill.
  • Spy Hill to Tantallon and Esterhazy,  quick trip that allows for an early night in Esterhazy.
  • Esterhazy back to Rocanville.
  • Rocanville to Moosomin.

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