The best rides around Logan Lake

Fresh, fluffy snow, rolling hills and valleys, and a community that caters to sledding enthusiasts

by Jessica Kirby

Man on snowmobile
Bert VanTongeren riding the Tulameen area in Princeton. Photo courtesy of Alison Keaton

The main draw

The ride up to the top of Greenstone Mountain is a must-do adventure for snowmobilers of all abilities. Most of the 15-kilometre trip is on logging roads and fairly tame trails that take you on a scenic ride through plenty of powder and some sparsely treed areas.

There are about a dozen ways to get to the top and a dozen more to get down, but a favourite begins at the Mile High Resort just 25 kilometres east of Logan Lake. Leave directly from one of the resort’s cabins, and take Paska Lake Road to the end, where a recreation trail called Face Lake Road begins. Follow Face Lake to Lily Lake—here, you can take the logging road, but it is often plowed. Instead, follow the fenceline to Dominic Lake and go right at the four-way stop. This will take you straight to the top.

Take in remarkable views of the valley below; you will be able to see Logan Lake and even as far as Kamloops. A great way to come down is to head towards Derry Lake, where sledders like to stop for a pit stop or have lunch. At 4100 Road you can take Tunkwa Lake Road up the power line to Savona or make a big loop into the Chartrand trail system, which will eventually lead you almost back to Logan Lake.

From Logan Lake proper, do the trip in reverse starting on Chartrand Road to Tunkwa Lake Road and head out from the staging area.

Sledders’ hangouts

The area boasts two sledder-friendly resorts—Mile High and Tunkwa Lake—and these tend to draw crowds in the morning before riders set off. In Logan Lake, the Logan Lake Lodge and The Copper are restaurants where sledders get together before a ride, and the Black Bull Pub is where all the action is at night.

For an extended stay

If you’re spending a little extra time in the area, take a ride out to the Savona for a day’s worth of exploring the meadows, trails and alpine areas, where a little boondocking adds some extra fun.

The trail system going out on the other side of Tunkwa Lake Road leads to the Chataway area just south of Logan Lake. Numerous lakes, open grasslands and lots of hills await.

Another favourite ride for visitors and locals is the trail going around Dominic Lake. An area just on the west side is wide open and hilly—an amazing place to play with plenty of spots for lunch or a campfire. In fact, families often bring Crazy Carpets for the kids. There is a great spot on the west side of Dominic Lake called The Bowl—it’s nothing hardcore like up in the mountains, but tons of fun nonetheless.

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