Snowmobiling in the Thompson-Nicola Region

This part of B.C. sees plenty of snowfall and boasts a number of appealing snowmobile communities.

by Danielle Cameron

Blair Trueman is airing out his sled in Blue River forested terrain.
Blair Trueman is a die-hard fan of the Blue River terrain. His passion for backcountry riding brought him there, as he prefers to venture off the beaten track and relishes rugged wilderness riding. He finds great joy in finding hidden areas that no one else has discovered yet, cruising between the trees and across meadows of untouched powder. Photo courtesy Blair Trueman

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District and the nearby village of Blue River are worth adding to your must-sled list. The winter conditions in this area are sublime for snowmobiling, with pleasantly chilly temperatures and an abundance of snow. 

These are some of the best shots we've collected from Thompson-Nicola and Blue River snowmobilers, showing off their favourite places to ride.

Robin Tyacke is covered in snow while sledding in Blue River, B.C.
Robin Tyacke showcases a "Blue River skiff" - 3 feet of snow dumped on his truck in only 24 hours. Located halfway between Kamloops, B.C., and Jasper, Alberta, Blue River is a village not to be overlooked when sledding in this part of B.C. It is surrounded by two mountain ranges—the Cariboo and the Monashees—and is blessed with large quantities of dry powdery snow (up to eight metres annually). While the community is cozy with a population of about 230 people, there are excellent restaurants, mountain lodges and resorts catering to outdoor recreation seekers. The Blue River Powder Packers snowmobile club maintains the hundreds of kilometres of trails in the area. Photo courtesy Patricia Tyacke
Here, rider Jason Hughes from Leading Edge Motorsports rocks his 2013 800 Pro climb at Raft Mountain, which is one of Clearwater's most popular sledding zones.
Clearwater is another gem situated within the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. The trails here are maintained diligently by the Clearwater Sno-drifters, and the sledding season extends from mid-fall to spring. Here, rider Jason Hughes from Leading Edge Motorsports rocks his 2013 800 Pro climb at Raft Mountain, which is one of Clearwater's most popular sledding zones. Photo courtesy Jim Lamar
A line of snowmobilers in the Logan Lake area enjoy the great snow conditions.
These eager snowmobilers are on the trail to Forge Mountain, one of the top snowmobile spots in the Logan Lake area. Every winter, Logan Lake offers open terrain covered in powder, just waiting to be explored. The trails may be ungroomed, but the conditions are still fabulous. Other well-known Logan Lake riding areas include Greenstone Mountain, Dominic Lake and Savona. Photo courtesy Norm Chadderton
Laura Rasmussen gives a thumbs up sign from her Ski-Doo while sledding in the Merritt area.
Laura Rasmussen sent in this photo of herself, sledding the Coquihalla near Merritt, B.C. Coastal moisture, winds and rising elevations combine to create the perfect snowmobiling territory. The Coquihalla Summit Snowmobile Club was formed based on these desirable conditions. Its members groom around 90 kilometres of terrain and have created trails suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders so that everyone can enjoy the alpine environment safely. Photo courtesy Laura Rasmussen

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