Lac du Bonnet Trails

What trails to hit and where to find them in the Winnipeg River area

by Thomas Shirtliffe

With over 300 kilometres of groomed trails to ride on, the Lac du Bonnet area is a terrific place to take your sled. Those groomed trails take you from as far south as the town of Elma or north to a resting shelter known as Red Deer Hut. There are a number of connecting trails that will even take you further north to the communities of St. Georges and Powerview. In between all of that you will find the towns of Lac du Bonnet, Pinawa and Seven Sisters and you will also bypass some smaller areas such as Seddons Corner and Milner Ridge. Here are just a few trails and snowmobiling destinations that you will want to go to when you hit the Lac du Bonnet area.

Old Pinawa Dam Heritage Park

On your way to the town of Pinawa, Manitoba, be sure to check out one of the best-looking historical sites we have in this province. The Old Pinawa Dam Heritage Park is home to the Pinawa Dam, which first began operation in 1906. The dam itself looks like an ancient Roman structure, slowly decaying but awe-inspiring to set your eyes on. The heritage park provides the perfect place to make your staging area, as there is a parking lot right by the trail you take to travel around the dam. The park also doubles as a great place to take a break, with canopies and picnic tables readily available. On October 21, 1951, the dam was retired from service to make way for the Seven Sisters Dam, which coincidently is our next trail destination.

Seven Sisters Dam

Just southwest of the Old Pinawa Dam Heritage Park is the town of Seven Sisters Falls and right in its backyard is the Seven Sisters Dam, a great place to go riding. The town itself becomes a staging area and gives you three main trails for leaving town. One of the more interesting aspects of Seven Sisters Falls is that you can ride right on top of the dam, making sledding here an experience that you don’t often get. One of those trails out of town leads you right to our next spot.

Halfway Hut

The Halfway Hut is a place to go because over the years it has become a meeting place of sorts. Just west of Seven Sisters Falls and southeast of Milner Ridge, it is the only resting hut of 15 in the region that has three groomed trails connecting at its location. It therefore provides a chance to meet other riders who may have been coming from a different trail. If you take a look at the trail map provided, you will see that the Halfway Hut is situated in the middle of four main staging areas: Lac du Bonnet to the north, Milner Ridge to the northwest, Seddons Corner to the southwest and Seven Sisters Falls to the east. This makes the Halfway Hut easily accessible no matter where you plan on starting your snowmobiling adventure.

The Lac du Bonnet area has a lot of bush trails and there are also many trails that are not groomed but do provide a wealth of snowmobiling experience.

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