Lac du Bonnet has terrain to suit every preference

Your eyes will light up when you see the glorious snowmobiling trails in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

by Danielle Cameron

Snowmobilers explore the forest trails near Lac du Bonnet.
Snowmobilers can explore the forest trails near Lac du Bonnet. Brad Wall photo

The beauty of sledding around Lac du Bonnet is that the trails are varied enough to keep every snowmobiler happy. Different parts of the region are managed by a number of local clubs, but the routes closest to Lac du Bonnet are maintained by the Lee River Snow Riders and the Eastman SnoPALS. The trails generally don't open until January, when the rivers and lakes have frozen sufficiently enough to offer safe riding.

Randy Hyra is the membership director for the Lee River Snow Riders, and he explained that there is truly something for everyone who visits Lac du Bonnet. In fact, it's hard to choose only one popular trail, since there are so many networks to pick from.

"Everybody has their own personal favourite," said Hyra. "We have almost 300 kilometres of trails just (managed by) our club alone. It depends on the rider - there's no real main trail. They're all different and they all have their own idiosyncrasies. Lac du Bonnet is right on the edge of the Canadian Shield, so if you go to the east you're going to be on the Canadian Shield's winding, twisty trails. If you go to the north you are no longer on the shield, and you will ride more into (parts of) the forest where the trails are straighter and wider. It depends what you like. It's a pretty diverse area...if you prefer wide open spaces you can find that too; if you like the winding trails or (to sled) on rivers and lakes, it's all available."



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