Incredible scenery around Lac du Bonnet

Lac Du Bonnet, being centrally located, offers an incredible selection of trails and destinations for snowmobilers.

by Karen Kornelsen

A perfect day  in Nopiming Provincial Park.
A perfect day in Nopiming Provincial Park. Brad Wall photo.

Endless trails and beautiful scenery. This is what sledding in Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba, is all about. For Brad Wall, president of the Lee River Snow Riders, sledding in this area is the best in the province.

One of Wall's favourite trails wasn't open last season because of the damage a major wind storm caused across the province, but it will re-open this year.

His favourite trip starts at Bird River, about 20 miles northeast of Lac Du Bonnet. From Bird River, you head up to Nopiming Lodge in Nopiming Provincial Park. You then take the Moose Trail, which Wall says is the most beautiful trail in the province, up to Camp 29 Shelter.

"What's unique about the Camp 29 shelter is that it actually has a heated outhouse," said Wall. "It's awesome; they've got a wood stove in there and everything."

From there, you come back and go over to the Pine Falls Trail, then head back down towards Lac du Bonnet. Wall said you can stop at Rudi's Hut and then take Steve's Trail up to the Anson Hut and back to Bird River. The round trip is about 150 kilometres.

"The scenery of the northern Moose Trail going up to Pine Falls is absolutely amazing," said Wall. "There is very little snowmobile traffic and the trails take you up and down and through pine trees, swamp and forest. It's gorgeous up there."

Wall loves to ride with his brother Bryan Wall and his good buddy Brent. They also see lots of wildlife, including moose and deer.

"If anyone goes up there, I tell them they have to stop at Nopiming Lodge for the best hamburger ever," said Wall. "The restaurant at the lodge is very small, about six tables, but wow, the Big Bird Burger is the best."

Wall also said you have to stop for gas here—otherwise you will run out.

"I love sledding in the Lac du Bonnet area because of the amazing selection of trails and destinations," he said. "Lac du Bonnet is pretty central, so you can head out in any direction and experience a great selection of rides."

Meet the rider

Name: Brad Wall

Lives in: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Originally from: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Age: 51

Sledding since: I was 10 years old

First sled: 1972 Polaris Mustang that I bought for $50

Current sled: 2012 Ski-Doo Backcountry 800

Favourite riding area: Nopiming and Moose Trail area

Why is it your favourite? Great scenery and awesome selection of destinations.

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