Family sledding in Logan Lake

Bobby Van Tongeren loves spending time on his sled with his family

by Lisa Crane

Family on vintage snowmobile
Bobby, wife, Tash and son Riley - Riley on a 1969 Marshall Wells, made by Polaris. Photo courtesy Bobby Van Tongeren

Bobby Van Tongeren is part-owner and manager of the Mile High Resort in Logan Lake, British Columbia. He is a keen sledder (he was the proud owner of his own sled, ATV and horse when he was seven) and according to his family there isn't a trail in the area that he hasn't been on.

Family rides are the best

Last season, Van Tongeren said that his best ride was when he headed out to Greenstone Mountain with his whole family.

“There is an old forestry fire-lookout that is preserved as a cabin for the sledders that sits right on top of the mountain, with a full 360-degree view,” said Van Tongeren. “It is a great spot to stop at.”

The family also visits a spot they have nicknamed the Bowl, which is a huge half-pipe where they can toboggan and enjoy family barbecues.

“There is just great family trail riding here,” said Van Tongeren. “We have been sledding with my family for a long time. I remember as a three-year-old my daughter was riding her sled after seeing the Wizard of Oz and she kept looking backwards to follow the yellow brick road. A great memory.”

Worst stuck story, worst nightmare

Van Tongeren's worst stuck on his snowmobile was life threatening. He was involved in an avalanche two seasons ago near Revelstoke, where he lost a few companions.

“As a result I was laid up for a while. I broke five ribs and cracked vertebrae and was helicoptered out, but I am recovering now,” said Van Tongeren.

“I still love the sport. We have been doing it for so long. We are moving forward, and we are smarter for it [the accident],” he said.

“Last season, in fact, we rode from Sicamous to Turtle to Boulder mountains, which is where the slide was,” said Van Tongeren. “We got to sit by the side of it. We came back, having ridden three mountains in one ride, and it was good to go back there.”

Meet the rider

Name: Bobby Van Tongeren
Hometown: Logan Lake, B.C.
Occupation: Part-owner and manager of Mile High Resort. The resort has been in my family for 21 years. My wife Tash and I have managed it for ten.
Sledding since: I was seven. Now I have my own kids.
Favourite place to ride: Green Mountain and around Revelstoke.
Sled history: My first sled was a blue 250cc Motoski, my sled now is a black 2012 Ski-doo Summit x 154 800 e-tec, black in color. I will be riding a 2014 163 summit x e-tec black and lime green. 

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