Idyllic in the Interlake

Trails abound in this vast sled-friendly region

by Danielle Cameron

person on a snowmobile in Interlake region of Manitoba
The Interlake's trails never fail to impress snowmobiling enthusiasts. Photo courtesy the South Interlake SnoRiders

The Interlake region of Manitoba has a ton of perks for sledders. With engaging routes and loops, it is easy to fill your days exploring the local sledding terrain.

“(There are) high-quality trails and moderate sled traffic,” said Joe Thievin, a groomer and hardcore member of the South Interlake SnoRiders club. “In addition, there is a great amount of volunteer spirit, (and those) who take pride in the facilities and trail network.”

Sledders should check out the Fish Lake and Cheyenne trails in the Gimli area, and cruise over to Selkirk for a ride at Birds Hill Provincial Park. Thievin said that the park offers rustic shelters with firepits and a small network of trails that are ideal for short family rides. Another favourite choice is the Interlake Pioneer Trail.

“The Interlake Pioneer Trail is the most popular trail, as (it) links the south trail system with the north,” said Thievin. “The trail also offers the advantage of scenic loops with shelters along the route.”

Most snowmobilers enjoy meeting up with other like-minded riders before or after they hit the trails. The Interlake region has a number of great spots to hang out, but Thievin recommended one particularly well-liked establishment

“I would say Fry-Days restaurant in Teulon, Manitoba,” he said. “Fry-Days seems to be a popular spot for sledders to converge at lunch and after a long day’s ride.”

The South Interlake SnoRiders are currently seeking new members, so join the fun and be a part of this warm community. For more information, visit the club website.

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